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HTC One Black Picture Leaks Ahead of February 19th Release Date

Due to the plethora of rumors about the HTC one, we already know pretty much everything about the company’s new high-end device. However, the rumors keep coming and if you thought that there is nothing else to know about the HTC M7, thing again. The release dates and the prices of the US versions have been made public, but today something else came up.

Looking back at the rumors appeared in January, some sources familiar with HTC’s plans revealed that the company wants to release the smartphone in two different color combos. The silver-and-white version was spotted a couple of days ago thanks to a report posted by @evleaks, but the black one remained unseen. Of course, there were a couple of images that allegedly featured the black HTC One, but they all turned out to be fakes.

Today is a good day for leaks because the same tipster found the black HTC M7 and posted its photo. Even though you can’t be a hundred per cent sure about of the¬†authenticity of the pic, the HTC One look pretty good all covered in black. The design is the same as the one of the silver version, which is a good thing, but I suspect that there is a possibility that someone took a photo of the BlackBerry 10 and photoshoped it because the resemblance is more than noticeable.

The HTC One sports the same thin bezel, as well as the two buttons namely Home and Back and they have the same position as on the silver device. Between the two buttons there is the HTC logo. Also, the dual speaker grills are matching and the case is probably made out of aluminum.

The date featured on the handset’s screen is February 19th, the date when the company will hold a press event probably to announce the device that we’re talking about. The location, on the other hand, is not London anymore, but New York. We already know that the HTC One will be unveiled in both locations, but why change it. A wild guess could be that the company will launch the black version of the HTC One in the United States only, but I doubt it.