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HTC One Set For Pre-Order By Rogers Canada

Yesterday, one of the Canadian mobile networks, specifically Rogers, put its version of HTC One on the pre-order device list through its Online Reservation System. In case you want one for yourself, there is an upfront payment involved in order for the carrier to know for sure that you’ll buy at, and not make the reservation just for fun. Of, course you’ll get the money back as it will be used to pay for the device.

The price of the HTC One set by Rogers is $149.99. Seems cheap huh? Well, don’t get so excited as the smile on your face will disappear when you’ll hear that you have to sign a three-year contract. Of course, the HTC One will be available at other carriers, as well Virgin Mobile, Bell, and TELUS), but they will probably offer it at a similar price. Maybe their contracts won’t last forever, though.

However, Rogers also comes with some sort of stimulant prize. Basically, if you pre-order an HTC One from Rogers, you will have the chance to win a SHARP 42-inch HDTV with HTC Media Link, courtesy of the Rogers-HTC team. The winner will be announced sometime in mid-March, when the HTC One will be officially available for purchase.

According to a previous statement coming from the Taiwan-based company, there won’t be any more flagships released this year, so if you want HTC’s best smartphone, this is it.

Moreover, as we told you earlier today, the company hasn’t forgotten about its other high-end devices either. It looks like HTC will release a software update for the HTC One X, One X+,, and One S. The update will ve coming with HTC’s latest UI version, Sense 5. Just these three handsets have been mentioned so far, but the list might be expanded. The exact date for the roll-out wasn’t specified, the phone maker only said that the Sense 5 features will be released within a few months.

Oh, and in case some of you don’t know what the HTC Media Link is, it’s basically a small streaming device that you to connect your TV via HDMI, after which you can push any kind of video content from your HTC smartphone to the TV’s larger display. Besides playing whatever you have on your handset, the HTC Media Link also has a dual-screen streaming option that lets you use the smartphone as what it is, and play the video files on the TV at the same time.

So, are you feeling lucky enough to win the Sharp HDTV and the HTC Media Link? Or you think that the devices aren’t worth the endless three-year contract?