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HTC One US Pre-orders: “Several Hundred Thousands” Units Already Booked

The HTC One is one of the greatest smartphone released in 2013 and while the company has serious problems with the device’s Ultrapixel camera, which caused a launch delay in most regions, the demand for HTC’s latest flagship is very high. And no wonder, the handset packs some impressive hardware and has a slick design.

The manufacturer claims that the HTC One is one of the most popular smartphones it ever made even though it’s not yet available for purchase. The most excited customers seem to be the citizens of the United States. Even though, they can’t really get their hands on it right away because of the availability delay, the company says that there are “several hundred thousand” units which have been pre-ordered in the US only. Moreover, the number of pre-orders is increasing as time passes.

HTC wants the One to become available for purchase before its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and while the release date is set for late April, I have my doubts about the HTC One meeting the deadline. Jason Mackenzie, who is responsible for HTC’s marketing and global sales, stated that the company is very happy with the reaction of the consumers. He went further by apologizing to the customers for the unexpected delay of the HTC One and assuring them that it won’t be for nothing.

Also, it seems that the manufacturer is trying to meed the high-demand for the HTC One, and at the time it’s making a huge number of units. Plus, HTC is negotiating with all major mobile operators in the United States, as well as with retail stores. In other words, it won’t be long until we will be provided with official release dates and prices from carriers like Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile. ¬†When the details will be available, we’ll let you know.

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