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HTC One Is Now Up For Pre-Order At Three UK

The HTC One has been unveiled and we know that it will be available on a lot of markets all over the world, but we still don’t know exactly when. The device will be offered by 185 carriers, but the release dates are different depending on the regions or countries. A certain mobile network in the UK namely Three, has made the release date and price public, so the Brits will know when they will receive the HTC One and how much money they’ll have to pay for it.

The general release of the HTC One is officially March 15. However, Three has made the device available for pre-order as of today. The carrier is promoting the handset as being compatible with its Ultrafast network which is not such a big surprise, and will have support for the LTE network of the carrier and it will be released. The HTC One is offered with two different contracts and for both of them customers will have to pay £69. If you choose the Ultimate Internet 500 plan you’re looking at a £34 monthly payment. However, you can always opt for The One Plan which is £34 per month and you’ll get tethering and unlimited data.

In case you don’t want a contract with the carrier, Three also sells the unlocked version of the HTC One for £479.99. If you’re interested, you can pre-order the device by accessing the official Three website.