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HTC One Available For Reservation At Rogers Canada, Release Date Is March 15th

The Mobile World Congress is the main event of the week, but it seems quite boring as the major companies decided to hold an event of their on to release their best products. Barcelona doesn’t look so interesting when two of the greatest devices are far away, namely the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One.

Yesterday, we wrote about the fact that Sony is speeding things up trying to release the Xperia Z in all the regions of the world. Today, is time to give good news for the users who are waiting for the HTC One.

Canadian carrier Rogers has offered the HTC One for reservations as it tries to get ahead of the competition like Virgin Mobile, Telus and Bell, and be the first to provide the device. However, you don’t need to get too excited as the official release date of the HTC One has not been mention yet, neither the details about its price. Still, this should still be considered good news as you have the opportunity to be among the first owners of HTC latest flagship smartphones.

In case you decide to make a reservation you should know that Rogers will charge you $40, but you will be able to use the money to pay the phone when it will become available. The official release date of the HTC One is reportedly March 15th.

A few days ago, the handset was caught in the wild at FCC and seemed that it was heading to Sprint. Therefore, the device might be released at the same time in both Canada and the US. Curiously, March 15 is a day after the Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement. Maybe, HTC is trying to steal Samsung’s thunder.