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HTC One Release Date in UK Delayed Until April 3rd

When HTC announced the One we all though that the flagship will provide a new beginning in the Android market for the Taiwanese market. Coming with a slick design and impressive hardware under its hood, the HTC One was supposed to bring the manufacturer back in competition with Samsung.

However, things are not looking good for HTC. The company has experienced trouble with its Ultrapixel camera, which made it to delay the release date of the HTC One in many regions. Initially, the device was supposed to be launched in the UK on March 14. However, because of the camera problems, HTC has pushed back the release date with a few days. Now. it seems that the potential customers in the UK will have to wait until April 3 to buy the HTC One, and we’re talking about the silver version because the black one will be available as of April 10.

The current release dates of the HTC One in the UK have been listed by retailer Clove, thus it might be possible that the smartphone to be available for purchase earlier than April 3 from another store, but we don’t expect to be much sooner because it’s obvious that HTC has serious problems with the phone’s availability.

You might think that this is OK as there isn’t much longer until April 3, but it gets worse. According to the retailer, the people who order the HTC One now will get the device in their hands in late April. Of course, the demand for the HTC One is very high, but a three-week shipping time is quite absurd. Also, we do not exclude the possibility that the release date of the HTC One to be extended even more.

Actually, Clover is not even sure how many HTC One units it will receive, so the stock could run out in a couple of days. Clove mentions that as soon it will know what quantity of stock it will get, it will let the customers know.

The HTC One is listed at Clove at £510, VAT included. In the meantime, there is another retailer that hopes to have the HTC One in stock soon, namely Expansys who is expecting to offer the device in three days, but it’s very doubtful. The retailer lists the HTC One at £519.99.

Things aren’t looking so promising outside the UK either. The HTC One is supposed to be in stock in Taiwan and Germany this very week, but there is a big chance that the release date to be delayed in these countries, as well.

As for the ETAs in North America, the initial release date was late April, but looking how thing are going that’s not going to happen and we expect the HTC One to be launched in May in the United States and Canada.


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