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HTC One S Update to Android 4.1 Rolled Out By Telus

The HTC One S users who live in Canada have a reason to be happy as Canadian carrier Telus is rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update as we speak. The firmware upgrade was supposed to be ready back in January, but for some reasons the mobile network has delayed it. Now, it’s finally being released and comes with an UI upgrade to HTC Sense 4+, as well.

According to Mobile Syrup, the official Telus website displays the information about the update. The carrier is also receiving feedback from the HTC One users who have already installed the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update OTA. In case you find yourself among the owners of the device you should receive a notification sooner or later, If you don’t have enough patience to wait for the notification you can check for the update manually by heading to Settings > About device >Software update. If your are lucky you will find the download there.

There are several improvements that come along with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade such as: the notification pane will display actionable notifications; the users are allowed to share photos are video files utilizing Android Beam; the stability of the device has been improved; and more.

When the HTC One X has received the Jelly Bean update from Telus, the download has come along with a very important feature namely Google Now. In this case, the carrier doesn’t mention anything about this feature. This means that the HTC One S will probably not be getting Google Now. Another possibility would be that it’s just an oversight, which would be strange because the Google Now feature is one of the main attractions of Android Jelly Bean.

If you have installed the update, please tell us about it in the comments section below and let use know if Google Now is part of it or not.