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HTC One Software Update Rolling out in Europe, Brings Camera and Performance Improvements

HTC has confirmed that it’s rolling out a software update for the HTC One that, even though it will not upgrade the device to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, it will come with lots of new¬†functions, according to SlashGear. The upgrade will bring the software of the HTC One to version number 1.29.401.13 is pushed in phases, so in case it doesn’t arrive to you this very day, be patient as you will receive in a week or two. The firmware upgrade comes along with various improvements for probably one of the main attractions of the HTC One, the Ultrapixel camera (which had some problems), but it will also improve the handset’s stability and performance.

To be more exact, the camera enhancement suite will improve the sound capture of the HTC Zoe features. Also, the update will bring a few tweaks to the noise reduction functionality when you are using the slow motion movie capture feature. The camera enhancement suite will also reduce over-exposure in non-HDR photos and will enhance dynamic range and color reproduction in different conditions. Plus, when manually adjusting the ISO settings, the EXIF information will display the accurate ISO data.

At the moment, the company is pushing the software update only for the European version of the HTC One, but we expect that the upgrade will soon be received by the users in North America and other regions, as well. The firmware upgrade is available over the air and you can check for it by heading to Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates.

As I said, apart from the camera enhancement suite, the software update will also bring several fixes to improve the stability of the HTC One, but also other enhancements to make the device run smoother.

The fact that HTC is rolling out an update for its flagship phone is only natural, because the flagship has experienced a set of problems even before being released on the market, especially with its Ultrapixel camera. However, the HTC One has become one of the most popular smartphone on the market and this is good news for the Taiwan-based manufacturer because the HTC One is somehow its last hope to get back on track when it comes to sold units. While it’s still hard to beat the number one company of the Android world, Samsung, at least HTC can hope to be in top 3 this year. And it has a good fighting chance because despite the camera issues, the HTC One is a great smartphone in terms of design, as well as hardware. Until now, it’s doing pretty well having a high number of pre-orders. However, well see if this trend will continue in the following months.


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