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HTC One Firmware Update Fixes Ultrapixel Camera Issues

The HTC One is the Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest flagship smartphone that is about to hit all major mobile markets. The HTC One has been advertised as being the greatest smartphone ever developed by the Taiwan-based company as it brings new features like Zoe, BlinkFeed, and especially the new Ultrapixel camera technology. This new camera of the HTC One is supposed to be a game changer, according to the company, but as always bringing new tech to the table can be risky as you don’t know if the users will approve it. Plus, it’s possible not to work as intended.

You probably know that HTC has delayed the release of the HTC One in all markets. Well, that is because they have been experiencing problems with what was supposed to be one of the main attractions of the smartphone, its Ultrapixel camera. Actually, there have been many of reports saying that the new technology camera of the HTC One is taking photos having a poor quality in bright environments.

Fortunately, the company has found the bug just in time and it already released a software update in order to fix the issue. According to online publication HardwareZone, HTC mentioned that the first batch of HTC One units that were sent for being reviewed were “pre-production and had isolated hardware issues”, which is very strange. You would think that the company would offer its best units for a good review, not one that has serious problems.

However, it seems that once the smartphone was updated it was put to the test and the quality of the snaps has improved as you can see in the images. The difference between the before and after photos can be noticed even if your eye is not trained in this area. Even though the “after” images are not perfect either, it’s clear that the issue has been solved, at least partially.

Of course, when it comes to other characteristics like design and specs, the HTC One is truly an awesome smartphone, but these kinds of small details like the camera problems makes the company unable to get back on the horse and be able to compete with the big guys.

Anyway, HTC has mentioned that the software updated will be included in the final retail units of the HTC One which be shipped next month. Perhaps the company will release another software update until the phone gets released in order to fix the remaining minor inconvenient. But this is just what we expected the manufacturer to do, we’ll have to wait and see if HTC will deliver.

So, do you think that the Ultrapixel camera issue is a deal breaker?

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  • the sharpness is there no question but the scale is bigger compared to the old one and i believe the old one scale is better as it captures more, that is not the end

    the other problem with htc camcorder’s including the new HTC one is lack of autofocus and it need time to clear things up and turn brighter you see big black shadow on their camcorder when you move the phone or turning the phone around, that is biggest problem and until they do not fix this issue this phone is not for me.

    having said that the htc one front camcorder have best quality image for any front facing camera, see youtube for 1080p sample, but again it lack of autofocus and black shadow follow camera whenever it turns, so hopefully they will be fix this bugs aswell then it will beat the ugly s4, other wise s4 is great phone only the look is sucks,

    if htc be able to fix these bugs then s4 is kick out from my short list and that is leaves HTC one and nexus 5 supposed to see sun light on october and its specs are great as rumored.

    iphone is a history for me never buy any apple product again, and by the way for apple fan boys do not criticism my grammar or my English as i am not English and English is not my first language, so let people freely express their opinion.

    i am not saying iphone is not good but it is not for me i have tones of reason behind my believes but let respect each other opinion and taste it may work for some but not for me.

  • daniel

    just got an m7 and the picture is pink purple and grainy help don’t want to send it in T-Mobile is doing nothing