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HTC One X gets the Leedroid One Xtreme treatment

If you have had the pleasure of owning a HTC made smartphone that was released at least a year ago you will have certainly come across a certain custom ROM made by Leedroid, This particular developer has made a big name for himself by releasing some very stable and very fast ROM’s for a myriad of HTC devices starting with the HTC Desire. Quite frankly we did expect a Leedroid made ROM to be available for the HTC One X soon after its launch, but we didn’t expect it to arrive just a couple of days after the device’s official debut.

This particular Leedroid rom has received a name worth of its destination, the One Xtreme, and it aims at improving the performance of the stock Android 4.0 ICS that comes with the One X and that of the HTC made custom skin commonly known as HTC Sense 4.0.

As a novelty, this ROM is the first one made by the famous developer that improves the mix of Sense and Android, both in their 4.0 flavors. As any respectable custom ROM, the One Xtreme also comes with many new features, some ported from older editions and some totally new ones that will surely come in handy if you decide to root your brand new One X.

It looks like HTC may have struck some gold with their latest line up, and as far as the One X in concerned, I am sure that many other developers out there would like to take a shot at improving the software of the most powerful smartphone currently available. It will still be a while until Samsung fights back with the Galaxy S III and until then it looks like the One X will be the only Tegra 3 equipped Android phone to roam on all the continents.

We can only assume that the other devices in the HTC One lineup will get a taste of this marvelous ROM and that in time they will become as important for the developer community as some of the legacy devices out there.

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