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HTC One X Live Wallpapers

HTC One X is the first smartphone to come with a quad-core CPU and it’s been also praised for it’s awesome 4.7-inch display with a great pixel density and crisp colors. It’s well known that live wallpapers can use much resources, but the HTC One X can really afford to run them considering its quad-core 1.5Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM. Along with this we also tested them to make sure they are well optimized and don’t use too many resources. So none of the live wallpapers presented by us eat many resources, neither they slow down the smartphone at all.

The live wallpapers listed below are some of the most beautiful available for Android and they have been created especially for HD 720p devices, so they will look and work excellently on the HTC One X. Also all of them are free, though some of them have premium ( paid ) versions too if you want more features and settings, but we don’t consider that’s really necessary.

Take a look at the list below, because here you have the best HTC One X live wallpapers we found along with screenshots of each so you can see how they look like.

1. Mystic Halo

Mystic Halo is by far the best live wallpaper we’ve found on the Android market. It’s free, very lightweight and doesn’t use much resources. It will definitely make your HTC One X homescreen look very good and impressive. Download it and give it a try.

Download Mystic Halo.

2. Microbes

This live wallpaper is also one of the most popular ones. Microbes looks very good and doesn’t have any lag, making it an excellent choice. It’s 100% free, but it doesn’t come with many customization options.

Download Microbes.

3. Splatter

Splatter is a bit different from the others because of its design, but I consider it to be very cool, though it might not be just for everyone. It comes with many customization options and you can create splatters manually or let it do it by itself.

Download Splatter.

4. Pixel Rain

Pixel Rain is a wallpaper for the geeks who love pixels. It brings pixel rain on your HTC One X homescreen and can be customized very much. You can choose the rain pieces to have the same color, gradient or different colors.

Download Pixel Rain.

5. Rays of light

This one might be for the more art-oriented people and has some really great colors. Just take a look at the screenshots above.

Download Rays of Light.

6. Flux

This wallpaper is more simple, though it looks really good. Just give it a try and you will love it for sure.

Download Flux.

7. Solar Wind

There isn’t much to say about this wallpaper, because the above screenshots talk for themselves. You can see how good it can look and the plethora of settings it come with, all for free.

Download Solar Wind.

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