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HTC Releases One 2014 Official Teaser Video

HTC has officially teased their upcoming flagship smartphone via YouTube. Check the video for yourself and see if you can make something out of the pixelated all new HTC One device.

Now that this video has been released we, finally, have confirmation once and for all that it will be called ‘The All New HTC One’.

The name that HTC chose for this device might sound weird but I’m sure that we will get used to it. The YouTube video used by HTC to tease their new device doesn’t say anything about its size, form nor about its new hardware specs, as it only shows two guys who seem to try too hard to be funny. However, if you’re into that type of presentation you might be eager for the official launch to arrive, we will reserve judgement on the final form of the product.

The All New HTC One will be presented on March 25th officially. The video teaser listed at the end of this post is titled “HTC Technical Translations #1: BoomSound# and, it tries to tells us that the new HTC One will come with better speakers. If we were to guess, the “#1” tag might represent the first video in a series of upcoming new teasers that should be released until we eventually reach the launch date.

There is no official word on what will The All New HTC One pack, but there are rumors saying that the device will come with 3GB RAM, a 5-inch full HD display, the new Snapdragon CPU generation, 3000 mAh battery, Android 4.4.2 KitKat and HTC Sense 6.0 UI.

Check the teaser video below to catch a glimpse at the brand new device from HTC.


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