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HTC Sense 5 Leaked Screenshots Go Live

In a permanent bitter – sweet affair with the users, HTC’s proprietary user interface for Android-powered devices, called Sense, is one of the most controversial in the history of the operating system developed by Google. It seems though that the Taiwan-based phone maker has managed to optimize the performance of its software, as some leaked screenshots are revealing a HTC Sense 5 that’s looking better than ever.

Even tough the controversies about the Sense UI seem like they’re here to stay, HTC is working hard to get its customer satisfied and the results are showing.

The latest HTC Sense versions, 4.1 and 4.1+, come with better optimization and integration, while Google’s Android is becoming more and more mature.

Anyway, today we get to see the first HTC Sense 5, courtesy of some leaks posted by an XDA Developeers¬†user. It seems that the upcoming HTC M7 flagship, the full HD smartphone that everybody is talking about lately, will be the company’s first terminal to come pre-loaded with the new HTC Sense 5.

As you can see in the gallery below HTC Sense 5 comes with major improvements, especially when it comes to design, where the HTC has bet on 2D icons that provide better performance, and, to be honest, look a lot better. Even though we can’t be sure the interface will suffer any changes in the final version, the first impressions are positive, and the company’s efforts are to praise.

While some are¬†throwing the rock at HTC for Sense, others find it one of the most “beautiful” in the Android environment, and, as things stand, Sense is on the verge of attracting even more fans.

We are expecting an official announcement from HTC and the company will most likely deliver at next month’s Mobile World Congress event, where HTC Sense 5 and HTC M7 are expected to show up.