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HTC Ville C specs show up in leaked document, lacks price and release date

Just a day after they introduced the HTC Desire C, rumors indicated that the Taiwan-based company is preparing another smartphone, the Ville C, which might be based on the One S. We can’t be sure this will be the device’s name once it hits the market, but we are pretty sure it’s one of HTC’s code names.

HTC Ville C might be a cheaper variant of the One S, as it comes with nearly the same specs, but with some small differences. While the HTC One S comes with a Qualcomm MSM8260A S4 processor, the leaked documents indicate a MSM8260 S3 chip, clocked at 1.2Ghz, instead of the 1.7Ghz the One S is clocked at.

Aside from the processor, we didn’t find any other difference between the HTC Ville C and One S, so we believe they are preparing to release it in some markets where they didn’t ship the One S to yet. Another option might be to offer it as a cheaper variant to the One S, though it’s quite hard to believe they will be able to cut the price very much just due to the old-generation processor.

For the moment we can just speculate, without having any official information, but hopefully HTC will make a press release and let us know what their plans are with the Ville C. Once we find out more information like the price and release date, we will let you know.