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Huawei to release Emotion UI in July

One more smartphone maker is preparing to launch its own UI for Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Emotion UI comes from Huawei and it should be released in July. This news comes right after ZTE announced the 3D UI for Android, based on the Rightware Kanzi UI.

Unfortunately Huawei didn’t make it clear that Emotion UI is headed to the Ice Cream Sandwich, though it probably will, as the older Android versions aren’t powering many new smartphones lately. If it’s true, this means current users of Gingerbread smartphones won’t be getting an update with the new user interface.

Huawei began expanding its markets, trying to compete with the other markets out of Asia and they began releasing some competitive smartphones. The Chinese company is probably going to release its new Emotion UI along with the Ascend D Quad smartphone, which is Huawei’s flagship device, also due to be released in July.

Until now Huawei didn’t release any teaser and there isn’t also any leak of their Emotion UI, so we don’t have any idea how it’s going to look, so we can only hope for the best. Competition is always good and Huawei seems to be doing a good job with their new devices. It will probably be pretty hard for them, especially for being known as the company who makes low-quality, low-end devices, but this can change if they do it well.

Huawei also didn’t specify if the UI is headed to only China or is going to be released globally, though considering their recent actions, we can suppose it’s going to hit the world-wide markets.

Currently Huawei is the only Android device maker without its own UI, along with Google’s Nexus devices, though this isn’t¬†necessarily¬†a bad thing. The new Emotion UI is going to compete with Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense, Motorola’s Blur, and Asus’s Waveshare.

If Huawei actually gets it right if the new UI, they won’t be the first Chinese company to do it. Xiami Tech also has a very popular custom UI for modders, called MIUI.