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Ice Cream Sandwich UCLD3 for AT&T Galaxy Note i717 leaked

Right after the European Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 got an official Ice Cream Sandwich update, AT&T customers just got a new ICS leak for their Note, which works just great. There was an older Ice Cream Sandwich leak for the AT&T Galaxy Note i717, though it was very buggy, it was lacking features, so not very many used it. But the new one is really worth trying, as it works very well.

While the new UCLD3 ICS leak doesn’t come with Samsung’s Premium Suite, it’s still a big improvement over the old Gingerbread. It’s the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3, just like the old UCLC5, but much more stable and much more features work on the new one.

Seeing a ROM so stable for AT&T’s Galaxy Note i717 makes us believe we could see an official release soon, because they might not have much work to do anymore. Though until then we can enjoy the leaked version and get used to the ICS on our Notes.

Please note that it only works on the AT&T Galaxy Note i717, so don’t even think about trying it on another smartphone and not even on another Galaxy Note version. If you want to give it a try, we just made an easy guide to help you. You can find the guide here.

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