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How to Easily Increase Samsung Galaxy Ace Internal Memory

The Samsung Galaxy Ace handset is an extremely popular Android based smartphone and this even though its specs and features are a little bit outdated. As you know Samsung announced that there won’t be any ICS or Jelly Bean updates released for the Galaxy Ace due hardware limitations, but thanks to the custom ROMs firmware, its users can still enjoy the latest Android experience on their own Ace devices. Another unfortunate aspect when talking about the Galaxy Ace is related to its internal memory, which is only 158 MB. Because of that you might experience different problems and issues, so during the next few lines we will be checking in how to increase the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Due to the fact that the internal memory is so low, you might get different alerts or error messages when trying to install or run apps or access files while your phone is in regular usage. This is taking place because the memory left is too low so a new app, or process can’t run or use the free memory that is available. That’s why it is important to learn how to extend the Galaxy Ace internal memory, or else you might even end up in buying a new and expensive smartphone because it will be hard to use and test the latest tools, games and apps available nowadays on Google Play.

The same problems like the ones mentioned above can also be experienced when trying to root the Galaxy Ace, or even when updating to custom ROMs firmware, or flashing a custom recovery image. As you know there are plenty custom software based on the ICS and Jelly Bean platform available for your Samsung Galaxy Ace (for suitable step by step guides use our search engine or check our “update Samsung Galaxy Ace” section), so it will be really bad not to be able to enjoy the same.

Now, this guide can be easily completed and there are no negative aspects related with the procedure which will be explained during the following steps. You will not lose the warranty of your device, you don’t have to own a rooted handset for being able to apply the tutorial, so you have nothing to worry about. Anyway, it is recommend to backup the data from your phone and from the SD card you will use. Everything will be wiped out, so save all of your personal info before going any further.

Now, you will have to use a computer or notebook. Also, a memory card reader is being required (the same will have to be connected with the computer. Of course, if your computer or notebook has in-built SD card reader then the memory card reader isn’t required. Well, that was all with the introduction and with the pre requisites, so we should get started with the procedure that will show you how to increase the Galaxy Ace internal memory.

How to Easily Increase Galaxy Ace Internal Memory

  1. On your computer, first of all, download the app named MiniTool Partition Wizard Software.
  2. The download link is here.
  3. Then, install the app.
  4. Take the microSD card now and insert it into an empty microSD card slot from the card reader.
  5. Connect the card reader with the computer / notebook.
  6. Do not access the files or the mass storage device mode from the memory card through your phone.
  7. Copy all the files from the memory card on your computer or back it up.
  8. From your computer you can now open or run the MiniTool app.
  9. Select SD card and then right click on “option” and choose “delete”. Confirm for wiping the data from the memory card.
  10. Again, right click and this time choose “Create new”.
  11. Next, select FAT32 file type and allocate the amount of space you think you will be using; take note that this space will be used for saving the media and other files.
  12. Similar as above select “Create As: Primary”; a new external partition will be created so allocate the required memory; take note that here the memory will be used for storing the necessarily apps you will download.
  13. Just click on “apply” and then you can safely insert the microSD card on your Galaxy Ace for increasing its internal memory.

That’s it, now you know how to easily increase the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone. Do tell us if the method worked for you and if not share the issues so that we can help you make it through. If everything worked as planned now you will be able to install new apps, run the latest games and perform other complex operations with your device. Check our daily posts for further guides, tutorials, trick, tips and latest Android related news.

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