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How to Easily Increase Samsung Galaxy Ace Internal Memory

The Samsung Galaxy Ace handset is an extremely popular Android based smartphone and this even though its specs and features are a little bit outdated. As you know Samsung announced that there won’t be any ICS or Jelly Bean updates released for the Galaxy Ace due hardware limitations, but thanks to the custom ROMs firmware, its users can still enjoy the latest Android experience on their own Ace devices. Another unfortunate aspect when talking about the Galaxy Ace is related to its internal memory, which is only 158 MB. Because of that you might experience different problems and issues, so during the next few lines we will be checking in how to increase the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Due to the fact that the internal memory is so low, you might get different alerts or error messages when trying to install or run apps or access files while your phone is in regular usage. This is taking place because the memory left is too low so a new app, or process can’t run or use the free memory that is available. That’s why it is important to learn how to extend the Galaxy Ace internal memory, or else you might even end up in buying a new and expensive smartphone because it will be hard to use and test the latest tools, games and apps available nowadays on Google Play.

The same problems like the ones mentioned above can also be experienced when trying to root the Galaxy Ace, or even when updating to custom ROMs firmware, or flashing a custom recovery image. As you know there are plenty custom software based on the ICS and Jelly Bean platform available for your Samsung Galaxy Ace (for suitable step by step guides use our search engine or check our “update Samsung Galaxy Ace” section), so it will be really bad not to be able to enjoy the same.

Now, this guide can be easily completed and there are no negative aspects related with the procedure which will be explained during the following steps. You will not lose the warranty of your device, you don’t have to own a rooted handset for being able to apply the tutorial, so you have nothing to worry about. Anyway, it is recommend to backup the data from your phone and from the SD card you will use. Everything will be wiped out, so save all of your personal info before going any further.

Now, you will have to use a computer or notebook. Also, a memory card reader is being required (the same will have to be connected with the computer. Of course, if your computer or notebook has in-built SD card reader then the memory card reader isn’t required. Well, that was all with the introduction and with the pre requisites, so we should get started with the procedure that will show you how to increase the Galaxy Ace internal memory.

How to Easily Increase Galaxy Ace Internal Memory

  1. On your computer, first of all, download the app named MiniTool Partition Wizard Software.
  2. The download link is here.
  3. Then, install the app.
  4. Take the microSD card now and insert it into an empty microSD card slot from the card reader.
  5. Connect the card reader with the computer / notebook.
  6. Do not access the files or the mass storage device mode from the memory card through your phone.
  7. Copy all the files from the memory card on your computer or back it up.
  8. From your computer you can now open or run the MiniTool app.
  9. Select SD card and then right click on “option” and choose “delete”. Confirm for wiping the data from the memory card.
  10. Again, right click and this time choose “Create new”.
  11. Next, select FAT32 file type and allocate the amount of space you think you will be using; take note that this space will be used for saving the media and other files.
  12. Similar as above select “Create As: Primary”; a new external partition will be created so allocate the required memory; take note that here the memory will be used for storing the necessarily apps you will download.
  13. Just click on “apply” and then you can safely insert the microSD card on your Galaxy Ace for increasing its internal memory.

That’s it, now you know how to easily increase the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone. Do tell us if the method worked for you and if not share the issues so that we can help you make it through. If everything worked as planned now you will be able to install new apps, run the latest games and perform other complex operations with your device. Check our daily posts for further guides, tutorials, trick, tips and latest Android related news.

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  • RAS56

    I tried the method described above, and copied the original SD card data back onto the card by clicking and dragging in windows. (Model is S5830i running Android 2.3.6), but while the phone still works fine, there has been no improvement in the internal memory. Is there some final stage I need to do to tell the phone where to look for more memory?

    • ‘Marwane

      i found this post, there is a final procedure that helps to use the ex2 partition
      for information : I DIDN’T TRIED IT ! hope it will 🙂

  • RAS56

    OK, I found another site describing this same method but explaining it differently, and had another go. I created two sections: the first one I selected create new, then used the boxes for logical, FAT32 as drive F. Then moving down to the next line of the disc, which was the only place I could get the create option again, I chose create as primary, EXT2, drive G. I got a warning message saying Windows couldn’t detect a second partition, but clicked on apply anyway. I ended up with two sections on the disc – *: and G:. When I put the disc back in the phone I got an error message saying the SD card was damaged and needed reformatting.
    I’m clearly doing something wrong here – please can you explain what. Thanks.

    • Ok so the exact same thing happened to me I must have done it four times and the result is the same!!

    • Fredrick Owino

      I got the same same response.

    • zacka

      hey…..as i did the same me too got the same issue,when i inserted the disc in my phone it shows that the disc is damaged but i can able to view my files when it is connected to the computer…formating does’nt help

  • Clare1960

    Hello, this guide is really helpful but unfortunately a only have access to a mac so I’m unable to follow this as I can’t use mini tool, do you have an alternative guide for a mac? I would be extremely grateful!


    • DaGhostman Dimitrov

      Download an Windows image and get Oracle VirtualBox (virtual machine emulator) and install the windows there you should be fine 🙂

  • sacarus

    Same problem as RAS56, second post, any chance you will post an update on this situation?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Same problem as RAS56, is anyone reading who can help us please?

  • kiwistray

    I’m struggling.. have followed instructions and now SD card wont mount in phone at all.. now i’m having to research what it is I’ve actually done to try and undo it. great idea to help out with internal memory but I wouldn’t be saying this was easy!

  • kiwistray

    hmm, managed to reverse everything by re-wiping and just having one primary fat32 partition and nothing else. more than one partition and it doesn’t seem to mount on my phone (tried every combination of options I could)

  • bassam

    this steps are shit don’t try it

  • kiwistray

    Have now got it to mount on my phone but my downloaded apps wont work and it gives me an error when i try to download more, and it only mounts in My Computer sometimes. For some reason the drive letter allocation has gone from a letter to an asterisk in the MiniTool Partition Wizard and I cant fix it.

    this is didgy, don’t recommend anyone does this unless they know what they’re doing, it is not easy. off to buy another micro sd i guess. wtf?!

  • vijay

    After this steps you have to use link2sd app,then use link to sd option to reduce the i/m usage of apps.

  • hope i helped

    These tutorials are copy paste from other blogs that haven’t even been tested. GOTO: http://www.android.net/forum/samsung-galaxy-ace/95358-guide-how-increase-internal-memory-galaxy-ace-11-03-2013-a.html

  • Joker

    Bullshit! this is only to download their software (MINITOOL), thats it, nothing to do with increasing Internal memory, Memory card is an external memory and it would always be external, fooling us

    • keith

      it worked for me so far i think

      • andrew

        do you mind to share what’s missing from tutorial above?it seems a lot of people having trouble after final step..

        • Way33

          If your phone is rooted, try installing “Link2SD”. Start L2SD up and allow SU permission. You should now be presented with options to set the “ext” drive. Click Fat32 (as was the method used in this so called tutorial) and reboot the phone. Some custom roms automatically set internal expansion, some you need to use Link2SD and some wont allow internal expansion at all. Hope this helps some out. I haven’t tried this with official stock android yet so i can’t comment if it works.

  • Shubhankar

    Every time i do this and insert the SD card back to ace it says SD card damaged

  • Dil Grewal

    It dsn’t work after do that… When we do it my phone dose not show internel memory more than original

  • Mangesh

    It’s shit, if you’ve already performed these steps then it won’t be detecting your memory card in ACE. To restore your memory card go to mini tool, delete all the partitions and then create new with Primary and FAT32. Your mobile will start detecting memory card again.

  • Mike

    I have done lots of reading and there is so much information, but after all that, not
    being technically minded I didn’t feel confident myself so I sent my Galaxy Ace S5830 to a guy on
    ebay who Unlocked, Rooted, Installed a better ROM (Looks like Jellybean on the Galaxy S2)
    and fixed my low memory issues using appstosd, reasonable value as well, if it helps
    anyone else this is the ebay listing http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/221232033776 Regards, Mike

  • sd demon

    DO NOT DO THIS!!! you will end up with a dead SD card that needs to be cleaned and reallocated using diskpart (google has all info) This page should be removed it is purely a marketing trick for minitools other (payed for) recovery programs.

    • Wren

      Actually it didn’t work the first time but it got right on he second attempt. minitool works provided u execute the steps correctly

  • Guest

    FAKE, the article is just a traffic suck.

  • loks

    why are you fooling people ?? You are simply playing with SD card, and doing nothing to the phone memory ! How on earth do you expect this to increase your internal phone memory ! You are such a moron, i pity you !

    • By using your SD card as internal memory, you do increase the internal memory.



  • samdroid

    I have used this method to partition a new 32gb card and have also tried to partition the original 2gb card. It partitions the cards ok and recognises the large external partition as before, but it wont recognise the small partition which I have called ext 2,3 & 4. everything else seems ok. I think it is because my phone is an ace gt-s5839i instead of the 5830. I have rooted the phone.
    I would be very gateful if someone could tell me, in very basic steps how to get my phone to recognise this new partition as internal memory.

  • wastedmytime

    What a load of cr@p. Now my card memory is hugely reduced, but the phone doesn’t have increased internal memory. Presumably this kind of juvenile breaking other people’s toys is what passes for fun in Romania…

  • Anthony Griffiths

    you should change the title of this article to ‘How to easily waste people’s time with a useless tutorial that doesn’t work at all’.

  • Murray

    Rahh Im pulling my hair out, I cant install Gapps as /system memory is too low, these methods arent working for me…..any ideas?

  • LeslieYanez3

    Interesting discussion – BTW , if one is looking for a service to merge PDF files , my business discovered reference here http://goo.gl/gIRnw9

  • Jasdev Singh

    i did all but when i open in phone and try to move app via link2sd app there still want to format but i can’t format it saying system have no space what i do now ?