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How To Extend Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S3 was introduced on May 3rd at Samsung Unpacked event in London and it’s a serious competitor for the “Smartphone of the Year 2012” award.

Samsung’s new flagship packs a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 Quad chipset, 1 GB of RAM, 16/32/64 GB of internal flash storage, a front-facing 1.9 megapixel camera for video calls, and an 8 megapixel camera mounted on the back of the device, with autofocus, LED flash and support for full HD video recording.

The crown jewel of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display, protected by Gorilla Glass 2 coating, sporting a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

In terms of connectivity it comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, microSD card slot with support for up to 64 GB, microUSB 2.0, NFC chip, HSDPA (up to 21 Mbps), and support for 4G LTE networks (where available).

All these are powered by a Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery and even though Samsung announced the new Exynos 4 quad is more battery friendly than its dual-core predecessor, some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 owners might want to further improve the battery life of their device.

The following tutorial on how to improve Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life will help you keep your beloved smartphone “awake” longer. Here are a few tips that will help you extend the autonomy of your Galaxy S3.

Smart-charge Samsung Galaxy S3 battery

Each rechargeable battery, whether it’s fitted inside a laptop, tablet, mp3 player or smartphone it has a charging pattern, and Samsung Galaxy S3’s battery makes no difference. We recommend you to charge the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S3 only when below the 10% level.

The batteries are created to store the maximum of power when the level drops below 10%. Also, don’t overcharge the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S3, so living it plugged in to a power source over night it’s not a good idea. It usually takes as longs as three hours for the battery to make a complete recharge.

Use the original AC charger you received in the Samsung Galaxy S3 package to recharge the battery. Some smartphone owners are using the USB cable to recharge their smartphones, which affects the battery life of their devices, mostly because the of the power fluctuations in the computer’s USB slot.

If by any reason you have to buy a new charger for your Samsung Galaxy S3, always go for the genuine Samsung charger, because the manufacturer optimized it for the battery model placed inside your device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery maintenance

Even though the following set of tips will not help you improve the autonomy of your smartphone’s battery, it comes in handy if you want to keep the battery healthy for long.

The contacts of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s battery are placed at one end and you will be able to easily recognize them as they look as some golden pins. We recommend you to grab a dry cloth and smoothly clean them once in a while, once in a couple of months, let’s say. It’s equally important not two pull out your Samsung Galaxy S3’s battery to often as the golden pins get loose and the battery won’t charge properly anymore.

If you decide to buy a new battery for you Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone always choose a genuine product, created for your smartphone model.

Samsung Galaxy S3 big battery eaters

There are a lot of battery eaters inside your Samsung Galaxy S3, but by far the most power avid components are the CPU, the display, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Camera and the modem.

Since you can’t control how much battery your CPU drains the power consumption of the rest of the big battery eaters can be controlled and brought to a minimum.

First up, we would recommend you to turn off the 3G data connection when you are not using it. With the 3G network mode activated the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S3 will diminish with about 18%. Thus, right after you finished using the data connection you can turn it of by going to Home > Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network >Mobile Networks > Network Mode and select GSM Only.

Even though you might be tempted to believe that the Automatic mode is a battery saver, I would tell you quite the contrary. This network mode will constantly search and switch between 2G and 3G networks which, of course, drains your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery even faster than the WDCMA mode.

The display also drains your battery, thus the brighter it is the more battery will be eaten. Now go to Home > Applications > Settings > Sound and Display > Brightness and set the display brightness to an acceptable level, keeping one thing in mind: a darker display will extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S3. Make sure you untick the Automatic brightness option. This function works in a similar way to the Automatic network mode. It uses the light sensors placed on the front of your Galaxy S3 and automatically adjusts the brightness level of the display, but this process will make nothing more than drain the battery faster.

After you used the WiFi or the Bluetooth functions, don’t forget to turn them off. We’d also recommend you to disable the GPS when not in use and you can do this by heading to Home > Applications > Location and Security; once there uncheck the “Use GPS satelites” option.

The 8 megapixel camera is also a big battery eater and it also comes with a LED flash that helps it drain your battery. No, I will not recommend you not to use the camera, but I would suggest you to avoid using it when the battery level of your Samsung Galaxy S3 is low, unless you have to take a very important picture like a meteorite the size of Texas hitting the Earth or some friendly aliens standing in line to buy tacos.

Do not use Live Wallpapers on your Samsung Galaxy S3

Even though the Live Wallpapers are pretty cool because they are animated, you probably guessed they are messing up with your battery life. Go for a simple wallpaper preferably a darker one. Let me explain you why. The brighter wallpaper areas are lighted by pixels which are powered up by your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery. Thus, the more brighter areas the wallpaper has the more pixels will have to be lit up and more battery will be drained. Summing up a darker wallpaper will have less areas where the battery has to power lit up pixels, thus the energy stored in the battery can be used to perform other tasks.

Avoid using third party task killers on your Samsung Galaxy S3

The general belief is that the third party task killers are helping users clear the RAM and save battery life. In fact they won’t help you at all, plus they will bit a large chunk of your battery life. The task killers are constantly searching to see which processes are opened in background and this action does nothing more than using the CPU and RAM, draining the battery of your Galaxy S3.

Since Samsung Galaxy S3 comes pre-loaded with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich it will also sport the amazing built-in advanced task manager, which can be accessed by long pressing the Home button. Use it anytime you want, swiping away any unwanted app running in background  and you will never need another task killer. To be honest, ICS’s multitasking management is the greatest one around.

That would be all for now, but if you know some more tips that could help your fellow Samsung Galaxy S3 owners increase the battery life of their smartphones, feel free to share them with us in the comments section bellow. Anyway after following the tips above you will be able to make your Galaxy S3 30% more battery efficient.


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  • alan

    Thanx so much for the tips.. Im trying it now..

  • Shoaib

    Yes, I think the tips are pretty cool and seems logical. I have just applied a few right now. Hope it works.

  • terrible grammar

    • Gary

      look for the contents not the grammEr!

      • Duffy

        Actually, if you found yourself looking at an official source of information and it was riddled with spelling errors and poor grammar, would you think it had been through a proper editing process? Content is king, but poor presentation is distracting and diminishes validity for many.

      • throwawaycray

        That would, in fact, be “grammar”, actually.

  • felix

    thanks man this helped me a lot. just bought this monster phone for a day now

  • Harsh

    I really loved the article…nothing goes beyond this…

  • C.Jin

    “Smart charging” is not a thing anymore, its amazing how people STILL haven’t caught up with this technology despite it being around for YEARS.

    It DOES NOT MATTER if you leave your phone charging overnight. All smartphones and laptops these days have Li-ion batteries that cut off charging when it is full. There has not been a need to worry about overcharging for a long time.

    • LittleHelpPlease

      C.Jin thank you for the your comment! I was wondering how one could “live” around such rules. (Example–When I come home–I simply lay my phone down next to my Wall Plug Charger and Plug in).

      I do have a question. Bit more advanced than above. I hear of people advising of the need to “POWER CYCLE” the battery as part of a Monthly “Maintenance” type procedure is this true? Advice I see is to let the battery fall to 1% then don’t touch and *FULLY CHARGE* before removing.(???).

      I know that these type batteries no longer have a “MEMORY” (like the old old fashioned batteries one use to have to worry about)–causing confusion.

      Specifically the reason I asked (I went battery articles Google searching–found this)–based upon my BRAND NEW PURCHASE OF A 7000mAh (not a typo)–7000 mAh battery (it’s on Amazon,etc.)

      Apparently this one needs extra care? (they advise 6(SIX!) Power Cycles.

      Anyway, I’m (almost desperately) trying to solve my OEM battery issue.

      Currently (THE OEM) Battery (2100 mAh) barely lasts over 2-hours. If talking (or using any known “hog” GPS-etc. It Will drop DRASTICALLY–(like under 1-hour unplugged) I completely understand the need *NOT* to use “Known HOGS*—but THAT DRASTIC seems odd.

      What is also odd. The OEM/Battery Feedback–“Native” Samsung/Android OS Info always tells me the screen is chewing up my battery.

      I have it set to the ABSOLUTELY LOWEST you can go (and have tried both “AUTO” and “NON-AUTO”—the reason?-Paradoxically. When set to “Auto”, even though I go all the way to the absolutely lowest screen brightness, if “Auto” is turned on, it will Brighten for me..*LAUGHING*

      3rd Party Applications (Battery Doctor,etc.) Do not Report the Screen Brightness as the Issue (just “known Hogs”) that I’m trying to be more diligent about.

      What is your thoughts on AutoTask Killers. I see article says no to.
      However, I find it unbelievable the “always Hunting Nature”–due to the fact I can *SET* the Time when to KILL (10-30-60 minutes etc.)–Thus the need to “HUNT” would only be when “woken up” Correct?

      *FINALLY*–sorry all the questions–the last one I saved the PURE DAFT.

      I just received (as in about 10-minutes ago)–My 7000 mAh. It says to allow 12-hour charge before “using”

      Daft Question–Can I keep it plugged in however Turned on?
      Reason is that I use it as my Wake UP Alarm, thus want the Handset “ON”–I *ASSUME* Charging is not impacted by very light use as such (“standby”)–when Charging, correct?

      MY OEM Battery, Just always keep phone “on” (in case rings,etc.) while plugged in (thus, circling back up to original–could be why battery is not acting properly?).

      Thank you very much!!!

  • Merlion in Vancouver

    Here’s a good tip. Turn off your phone altogether when not in use and turn it on only when you know someone is going to call you or you need to call someone!!!! Then turn it off again. You will definitely save your battery….Seriously how stupid is this whole scenario??

    • j

      lol…if you always know the time someone will call you, you might as well not have a cellphone and sit by a nearby landline. one of the reason you own one is that people can get a hold of you when they need you…aka emergency situations when you don’t expect the call.

    • ebony

      My battery will read 100% while on the charger but once unplugged it drops approximately 20% immediately. After that it continues to drop until its completely drained which can take less than 2 hours. It’s not the battery.

  • Slava

    The writer has no idea what he is talking about. Lots of things are WRONG here.
    1. so living it plugged in to a power source over night it’s not a good idea.
    Well, actually the battery controller decides when to stop charging the battery, it does not matter if the phone remains plugged in or not. Once the Green light is on, the charging is completed, and the line power is used only to power the phone, not to charge the battery further.

    2. Some smartphone owners are using the USB cable to recharge their
    smartphones, which affects the battery life of their devices, mostly
    because the of the power fluctuations in the computer’s USB slot.

    That’s nonsense. USB voltage is regulated and is very stable in most any PC, but that is not even important. The battery charged with constant current, not constant voltage, and that is done by inverter circuit that does not really care if the input voltage is stable or not.

    • ColmARock

      Okay but for number 1, if I let my phone plugged all night when it will reach 100% of the charge it will stop to charge it and after 1 minute the battery will be at 99% so the it will recharge it again to 100%… and we will usr likea hundred of battery cycle over the night??,

      • katon123

        Thsame thing as mine

  • Slava

    >>> The brighter wallpaper areas are lighted by pixels which are powered up by your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery.

    Man, educate yourself before giving technical advices. The screen is lit by a backlight, not by individual pixels. It does not matter if it is black or white, nearly same amount of energy is used.

    • Mthoth

      No, I suggest YOU educate yourself. This phone has an AMOLED screen, not LCD. LCD has a backlight, but in AMOLED, individual pixels light up. That is why a dark screen saves battery — less pixels are operating. In an LCD, even if there is just pixel being used, the backlight for the whole screen has to be on. I don’t know about the USB current, but other than that, this article is correct.

    • Not with an amoled screen, if the color is black on a pixel the backlight turns off for that pixel

  • Dee

    Not accurate enough info. to have been posted. YOU ARE VERY MISLEAD. Guys if you want viable information about battery life go on ‘xda forums’. Can’t go wrong there anywhere but this shit.

  • dov

    I agree it has at least 30% improvement. On one charge I was watching nil redone and taking calls send texts. 12 AM I am 11%. I also have always been a fan of buying an extra battery and it fits into a wallet or purse.

  • Hafiz

    Emmmm… since i’ve update my s3 to JB early this month, i started to notice the drain issues cause by it. Well, most likely when surfing the internet. My battery drop 1% after 4 and half minute i used(when still on ICS) but its get more worst when using the JB, its drain almost every 2 and half minute which is almost 50% from the old one. So, i started to install the Juice Defender Ultimate, its worked great until now and its also showed me the recycle level. Its can last long for about 6 minute when I set the right setting on it. So my question is, Its that okay or i’m in a big problem? Thankx, and sorry for the grammar. 🙂

  • cyx

    Does battery saving apps help battery live or drains it?

  • Pattie Olson

    I bought my phone on July 15 2013 and my Battery started draining
    completely within 5 hours of not using phone. All of the idea’s
    suggested above were already tried when I first got my phone. I search
    battery drain on google with this galaxy 3 and found everyone having
    same issue and tried same things. Nothing worked. My service provided
    told me to buy a NEW battery after have the phone 1 week. I contacted
    samsung tech and they put my phone in safe mode and still battery
    drained in 5 hours with no use. I just got my phone back and was told
    that it was not battery causing it it was a cpu problem and had it
    changed. I was also told by a few people to bet app killer and it works
    great on their phones. I close all my apps after using them but so far
    my battery drain has slowed down. Do not change network to GSM only your
    text messages do not go through for hours.