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Instagram For Android Officially Presented, Release Date To Be Announced Soon

Instagram App

Finally, Instagram for Android has been officially announced and presented at SXSW 2012 and this means that in the near future we will be able to take photos and share them using the most popular photography social networking application, Instagram. This app was only available for iOS devices and because of its great success, Google persuaded Instagram’s devs to create and release it for Android smartphones.

Developers of Instagram stated that they are hoping for the final edition of this app to be better than the iOS one and they’ve shown a beta version on Galaxy Nexus. The demo has been presented by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on the Nexus smartphone, which is perfect because of the large screen that highlights the editing functions of Instagram. The best thing about it, is that when used on such large Android screens, Instagram looks much better and runs smoothly, ¬†while the iOS version currently is limited because of iPhone’s small screen. Also, this might mean that along with the Android release of Instagram you should expect a large update for the iOS version also.

For the moment, the app is currently in its beta phase and that is private, which means that we might need to wait a little longer before we can test and even watch a demo trailer of Instagram for Android. There are very high hopes set for the Android release and, as you know, the iOS edition currently is used by over twenty-five million users worldwide while, last December there were only 15 million of them with the main cause for this being the release of the iPhone 4S. Also, the application was presented with the award for the App of the Year 2011.

The release date of Instagram for Android remains unknown for the moment and, we can only wait for any news and updates given by the developers. Personally, I’m rooting for a pre-summer 2012 release so that I will be able to take photos and apply digital filters and feel like an almost-genuine photographer, as that is Instagram’s main characteristic, giving you the possibility to edit average taken photos and transform them in beautiful representations of our world. Instagram for Android has already be dubbed to become one of the most popular photography social networking application on Google’s Play Store.

There were lots of Android app developers that tried to create a replica of iOS’ Instagram, but failed miserably, simply because only its developing company is capable of transferring all functions, features and overall essence onto Android smartphones. Keep an eye on our website to learn when will the official release date of Instagram for Android be finally announced.