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Instagram brings Sign-up Page for Android Users; Release Date still Unknown

Instagram for Android is almost here; since it was first presented and confirmed at SXSW 2012, numerous rumors, information and tips have been leaked spreading on the web, though the release date is nowhere to find. But, if you want something sure to rely on, here is what we managed to find.

Instagram posted a sign-up page for its future Android users, just in order to announce them when the app will finally be made available for download through the Market (Google Play). So, it’s time to get enthusiastic as this can only mean that Instagram for Android it’s on its final stage of developing, being almost ready for the big release.

As you already know, Instagram was designed to run on Apple’s iOS operating system, being one of the most appreciated and used application among iPhone’s users worldwide; furthermore in 2011 the tool was presented with the award for the App of the Year. So, this success was the main factor that made Google consider in getting in touch with the Instagram developers. This is how the unique “photo app” for Android was born.

With Instagram you will be able to take photos, change and improve them by applying digital filters and then share it with your friends via Facebook, Tweeter and so on. The features included are many, the ways in which you can personalize a photo being numerous. But I bet you already know this.

Anyway, the best part is that Instagram will look even better on Android, compared to iOS, due to the large-screen smartphones available on the market. Many of the Android based handsets are having larger screens than the iPhone, so the app will run more smoothly on them, offering an incredible experience.

As stated in the introduction, the Instagram devs managed to find the perfect way in which they can stay in touch with the future Android users. A sing-up page was opened (you can access it from here) from where you can receive further info about the app. The release date will be mailed to you as soon as the tool will be finished. That’s all for now; we will update with news as soon as something fresh is coming out, so stay close.