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Install Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich XWLP7 Firmware Update On Samsung Galaxy S2

Galaxy S2 XWLP7 Firmware Update

Samsung launched a new update for their Galaxy S2 device with the XWLP7 firmware build and it is mainly destined for Russian based smartphones but it also works with international models and, if you wish to install it on your phone then you will need to read all the instructions listed in this article.

The Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular devices ever released by Samsung and in the last couple of months they’ve launched several other official firmware updates that fixed various problems and bugs. Also the new firmware comes with enhanced features that should make the SGS2 experience far more better. Installing the new firmware is easy and you should first read the preparation guide info and this will help you avoid making mistakes and hopefully you will manage to apply the firmware update from your first attempt. Here’s how to correctly prepare your device for the updating process:

  • make sure that your device is the GT-I9100 model number, as the utilities and firmware zip you find here will work only with this specific smartphone. The model number for your phone can be found by opening Settings and then selecting ‘About Phone’ menu.
  • during the update you might lose important files such as pictures, video, audio etc, so you need to move them on the SGS2’s SD card as that will be the only part that will be left untouched by the fimware update. Also, you can choose to move the files on your PC.
  • SMS text messages can be saved and restored after the entire process is done with the SMS Backup & Restore app.
  • Call logs, if you wish, can be backed up using the Call Logs Backup & Restore program for Android.
  • Contacts can be saved by using the ‘sync with Gmail’ service between your phone and your Gmail account.
  • make sure that the charge level of your SGS2 is over 80%. In this way it won’t discharge during the firmware installation.
  • your computer shouldn’t have Samsung KIES software installed. In case you do have it installed then proceed and uninstall it.
  • download the correct USB drivers and install them on your Windows PC: 32bit (X86) download link / 64bit (X64) download link.

When you know that all the requirements above have been met, you can move to the tutorial guide. Please note that neither we, not the developers of this firmware update will be held responsible in case something wrong happens to your phone or computer. Make sure that you know how to work with Android and how to properly flash firrmware updates on Samsung Galaxy S2.

 How to flash XWLP7 firmware update on your Samsung Galaxy S2:

  1. Download the new firmware zip file from here.
  2. Extract its contents into a single folder. After the extraction is complete, the newly created folder should feature 2 files: I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5 and another .dll small file.
  3. Download Odin application from  here. Odin is the program that you’ll use to install the new firmware update on SGS2.
  4. Switch OFF the device.
  5. Now you need to boot into Download Mode and this can be done by pressing the ‘Volume down, Home and Power’ buttons at the same time. Select download mode and then move to the next step.
  6. Launch Odin application.
  7. Now connect your device with your computer and a notification message will be displayed in ODIN. In case the confirmation alert isn’t displayed then you should re-install the USB drivers for your smartphone; the ones listed in the preparation guide. If everything went according to plan, then you can continue the updating process.
  8. Go to Odin and click ‘PDA’ tab where you need to select the ‘I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5’ file.  Now press START and wait until the installation is complete.
  9. When Odin completes the installation of XWLP7 firmware files, your device will restart and if the home screen boots up successfully then that should do it. Now your phone is running with the latest XWLP7 Android 4.0 ICS firmware. Allow the boot process several minutes to load the necessary files.
  • Note that in case ODIN displays any errors or if the smartphone is unable to boot, then you should disconnect the device from your PC and then close ODIN, removing the phone’s battery, placing it back on and then repeat all the steps listed above.


In case you have any extra questions regarding the installation process of firmware XWLP7 for Samsung Galaxy S2 then feel free to ask for help by posting in comments.

If the guide didn’t work for your smartphone it might be because the model number wasn’t supported by the XWLP7 Android firmware and that you should’ve checked it before starting to apply the steps in the tutorial guide.

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