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Install Android 4.3 PACman custom ROM on Motorola Droid Rarzr HD XT925

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean can now be updated on your Motorola Droid Rarzr HD XT925; no I am not talking about an official Android update released by Motorola, so I am referring to a new custom ROM firmware. So, do you want to update your Droid Rarzr HD with the latest features, apps and capabilities available on the Android platform? If so and if have aroused your attention, then during the following lines I will show you how to install the new version of PACman firmware, based on JB 4.3 OS, on your Razr HD XT925.

PACman custom ROM is also known as AIO ROM (all in one) as it is a mixed platform; the firmware is powered by three other custom ROMs: CM10.2, AOKP and ParanoidAndroid. These ROMs are the most popular and used Android based updates, so if you choose to flash the PACman firmware on your Motorola Droid Rarzr HD, you will be able to receive features combined from all the mentioned platforms. Of course, PACman will come with its own looks that are pretty similar with the ones featured on stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.

Other than that, the software is coming without bugs or issues and can be used for powering up the performances, bumping the speeds and upgrading the battery life of your Android based smartphone. Remember that PACman is based on CM10.2, AOKP and ParanoidAndroid custom ROMs, so probably you are installing one of the most powerful firmware available out there. Anyway, if you want to install the same on your Droid Razr HD stick to the guidelines from below; this is an unofficial operation, so if you mess things up your phone might get bricked – don’t perform things by yourselves.

Use this guide only if your Droid Razr HD is rooted and installed with a custom recovery image. You can flash Android 4.3 PACman custom ROM on your device only if the mentioned procedures are previously performed. So, if you have a locked handset, use suitable tutorials (from Android.gs) and learn how to root and install CWM (or any other recovery image) recovery on your Motorola Droid Rarzr HD XT925. Do note that by rooting, the warranty of your phone will get lost – the root operation isn’t official.

If needed, you can restore the warranty; in that case you will have to downgrade your Droid Razr HD to stock Jelly Bean OS, or you will have to update with an official release of the Android system. Be careful as on rooted handsets the OTA releases can’t be received or applied, so you will have to manually flash the firmware.

If you want to safely update your Motorola Droid Rarzr HD XT925 to Android 4.3 JB with PACman custom ROM firmware you will first have to backup the data that is saved on the internal storage memory (the data saved on the SD card will not be affected). So, use suitable backup and restore apps from Google Play and backup the contacts list, market apps, personal info, accounts and saves and basically everything else that’s important to you – a wipe will be required which means that the system will be wiped out (your data will be erased).

Good, now before starting the update process from below make sure that a computer or notebook is near you and that your phone and USB cable can be used. On the smartphone USB debugging option must be checked – if not go to “settings -> applications -> development” and enable the same. Your handset’s battery must be charged – plug in the charger if the battery status shows up less than 60% power left. Also, on the computer you are using there shouldn’t be any security tools installed – so deactivate or uninstall the security protection that might include antivirus, antimalware or Firewall protection.

It’s important to remember that the CM10.2, AOKP and ParanoidAndroid based PACman Android 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM firmware can be installed only on the Motorola Droid Rarzr HD XT925 handset. The steps from below are compatible only with the mentioned device, so using this tutorial for a different handset will probably brick your beloved phone / tablet.

How to Install Android 4.3 PACman custom ROM on Motorola Droid Rarzr HD XT925

  1. Download the firmware file from this page.
  2. Optional: the Google apps package is not included on the update file, so you will have to install it separately; download Google apps from here.
  3. Save both files on your computer – preferable on desktop.
  4. Don’t unzip the downloaded files.
  5. Connect your Razr HD with the computer by using its USB cord.
  6. Copy-paste the downloaded files from desktop on your phone’s SD card.
  7. Remove the USB cable.
  8. The computer is no longer useful.
  9. Turn off your smartphone.
  10. Wait while your device is getting turned off; wait a few seconds and then reboot in recovery mode.
  11. From recovery select “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache”.
  12. Return – “+++go back+++”.
  13. Now, from recovery select “install zip from SD card” and “choose zip from SD card”.
  14. The first thing to do is to pick the PACman firmware file.
  15. Then repeat the process and pick Google Apps package.
  16. Flash the files and don’t make any other changes on recovery mode.
  17. In the end, from main menu of recovery select “reboot system now”.

You are done; the CM10.2, AOKP and ParanoidAndroid powered PACman Android 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM should be running on your Motorola Droid Rarzr HD XT925. Use the comments area from below for sharing your experience with us; also test the new firmware and check if there are bugs, or things that aren’t working. If there are problems we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

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