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How to Install Android Google Play on Amazon Kindle Fire

The best advantage when having an Android powered device consists on the numerous apps available for download through Android’s own Store, the recently renamed Google Play (the old Android Market). Furthermore, almost all the tools available can be downloaded in two versions, the free one, which comes with Google ads, and the paid one. But what can you do when you are having an Android device that doesn’t have access to Google Play? Well, you do whatever it takes in order to change this aspect.

The Amazon Kindle Fire users are being in the same situations, as their device isn’t featuring the Google Play Store application, though the Android platform is running. Therefore, during this step by step guide I will teach you the easiest way and also the fastest one in which you can install Google Play on your Kindle Fire tablet. The operation is not hard to complete but you must follow this tutorial as you need to download and install several tools on your device. But more about this will be explained a little bit later.

As you know the Amazon Kindle Fire is more than an e-Reader, its performances placing it in the tablets area. But, the big disadvantage when it comes to this device is related to the Amazon user interface. Despite the fact that it is running the Android platform, Amazon designed and installed its own interface on the Kindle Fire. Furthermore, Amazon has blocked the normal content on all Android devices, of course Google Play being included in the list. Unfortunately, if you own such a tablet, you are not able to download any of the apps available on Google’s Store.

But don’t worry; as usual there are methods that can be used for tricking the system. That’s what we will be checking in the following: how to install and use Google Play on your own Kindle Fire tablet. Make sure you read and complete all the steps and don’t try to do something by your own as you can brick the device. So, let’s get started:

How to Install Android Google Play on Amazon Kindle Fire

  1. First, you must root the Amazon Kindle Fire. You can install Android Market only on a rooted tablet.
  2. Download GoogleServicesFramework.apk and Vending.apk files from here. Place the file on a Windows running computer.
  3. Take the device and go to “Settings -> Device” and check the “Allow Installation of Application From Unknown Sources” option.
  4. Install the Root Explorer tool by obtaining the apk. File.
  5. Connect the tablet with the PC via USB cord.
  6. Copy-paste the tools downloaded in step 2 from the computer to your device.
  7. Open the Root Explorer app and go to the same folder where you have placed the files.
  8. On the window that opens choose to install the GoogleServiceFramework.apk file.
  9. When done, go to the Vending.apk folder (location).
  10. Choose to “Move” the same file.
  11. Go to “/system/app folder” and change permissions from Read Only to Read Write.
  12. Move the file into that directory.
  13. Press and hold on the Vending.apk file and from the sub menu that opens choose permissions and change to RW-R–R–.
  14. You can now install Vending.apk.
  15. After that, reboot the Amazon Kindle Fire.
  16. Take note that Google Play is not a default app so it will not be displayed on the default Applications menu of your device.
  17. So, it’s recommended to install other apps too, such as Go Launcher or ADW Launcher.

There you have it; that was the how to procedure in which you could learn how to install Android Google Play Store on your Amazon Kindle Fire. Remember that the tablet must be previously rooted, or else you can’t succeed with this operation. Do tell us how things worked, or if there were issues. If something isn’t working share the problems with us so we can help you through. Don’t forget to check our daily posts for further Android related how to guides.

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