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Install Android ICS on HTC Desire HD using Ice Cold Sandwich 3.0 Custom ROM firmware

A custom ROM of the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich OS is available for download for the HTC Desire HD owners. The firmware is called Ice Cold Sandwich 3.0 and it’s looking really good compared to the other similar custom ROMs available on the web.
During this tutorial, you will be able to learn how to download and install the Ice Cold Sandwich Android 4.0.3 Custom ROM Firmware on your Desire HD. You have it all explained and detailed in the following step-by-step guide, so check it out.

Recently, we brought you news about another OS update for the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE handsets, the HTC users having all the reasons for being excited. However, remember that the releases of these upgrades are not coming straight from HTC and there are no words about its official launch. This means that in case your phone gets damaged (this is happening rarely and only if you don’t follow the steps from the guide) you will be on your own.

Now, for those who don’t know, the Ice Cold Sandwich 3.0 is a custom ROM firmware based on the standard Android 4.0.3 operating system. So, in this Black panther edition you can find features and capabilities that can be different form the ones included in the initial release of the software.

Furthermore, in order to make it clear, in the lists from the following images you can consult the features added and the things that are not working in this version of the Android platform.

After the features, here are the things that are not working:

As a final note, the Ice Cold Sandwich 3.0 is suitable only for the HTC Desire HD smartphones, so don’t try to install it on other devices, because it will not work and you can wreck your phones. Make sure you read the entire guide and do all as explained here. In this way you can avoid the unpleasant situations. As you will see, the installation procedure is easy to understand and it will only take a couple of minutes before completing it.

Now, leaving these aside, it’s time to prepare your Desire HD and your computer for the operation that will follow.

  • First of all, the update might wipe the data out from your device. I recommend you to backup the Desire data, contacts, messages, calendar info, apps and everything else. In order to make a safe and complete backup you can use the SMS Backup + by Jan Berkel app for  the SMS / MMS messages located on the device, the android cloud for the contacts and calendar (I recommend this service because its safe and works all the time), the Astro File Manager for the apps saved and the SD card, or the PC for the rest of the tools. These software can be downloaded from the Android Market, so you shouldn’t have any problems in getting them.
  • Check if there is more than 60% battery power left on your phone.
  • You must enable the USB Debugging Mode. This can be done by following: go to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.
  • On the PC and on the handset disable the firewall protection and any other protections (antivirus) tools. In most of the cases these programs are interrupting the procedure.
  • The update can be installed only on a rooted HTC Desire HD. So, first root it and then return here.

Finally, we can begin installing the Android 4.0.3 update by using the Ice Cold Sandwich 3.0 custom ROM firmware, so pay attention and do all exactly as explained during the steps.

  1. The first thing to do is to download the Ice Cold Sandwich Android 3.0 Firmware Zip package, from here, on your computer.
  2. Connect the phone with the PC by using the USB cord.
  3. Copy the file you just downloaded from the computer on the phone’s SD card.
  4. Turn off the handset.
  5. Reboot it in recovery mode. You can enter in recovery mode by simultaneously pressing the “Volume down” button and the “Power” button.
  6. In the recovery menu, choose “Clear Storage”. This option will erase all the cache data which is there in your phone right from the junk files to the files which are created by the current firmware.
  7. Then select “install zip from SD Card” followed by “Choose zip from SD Card”. The file should be there, just pick it.
  8. After the installation procedure is ended you will be back on the recovery mode menu.
  9. Select “+++go back+++” and then “reboot system now”.
  10. Done.

That’s all for today; now, the Ice Cold Sandwich firmware should be on your HTC Desire HD. If not, it means that you did something wrong and you have to start all over again. Anyway, if somehow, something isn’t working, or if you are having problems in understanding one of my explanations, share the issues with us so we can help you through.

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