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Install AOKP Build 28 Custom ROM Firmware On Motorola Droid 2

DROID 2 Runnign AOKP Build 28 Custom ROM

The Motorola Droid 2 can be easily updated with the latest AOKP Custom ROM Firmware files, which packs the ICS 4 Android for your device. The AOKP is short for Android Open Kang Project ROM and it is a great alternative to Cyanogenmod installations. This guide is destined to be used on Droid 2 devices only and these should be already rooted and running Clockworkmod Recovery software.

This AOKP build 28 custom ROM has been customized and released by Albinoman, another Android contributor on xda developers’ community forums. For the moment there are some elements and features not working with build 28, but it has been said that, with future releases, we should receive extra features and whatever bugs packed with this custom ROM will be fixed. With AOKP Built 2, you will receive enhanced performances along with support for Camera, 3G, YouTube app and all the other main features of Ice Cream Sandwich. There are some known bugs which should be fixed in future builds, such as the Charge only mode working, Led notifications and orientation.

These are very few problems compared to other devices and if you’re using a rooted Droid 2 device then you should give AOKP Build 28 a try and see how it performs on your device. Now that you know the general info, let’s move to the part where you will learn how to correctly prepare your Droid 2 for the AOKP installation guide.

Here’s what you need to know before updating the Motorola Droid  using AOKP Build 28 custom ROM firmware files:

  •  make sure that your device’s battery charge levels are over 70% so that it won’t power off during the installation process.
  • your device has to be rooted and CWM installed. You can learn how to root your phone by reading the instructions listed here.
  • it should run on the latest CyanogenMod 9 firmware. Click this link and you will be taken to a tutorial guide that teaches you how to install the CM9 files on Droid2. Install the Bootstrap recovery for Droid 2 also.
  • create backups of your videos, audio, pictures and of other files that you consider to be important. You can transfer these files on your computers or, you can choose to move them on the phone’s internal / external sd card, as that will be the only part that will remain unchanged by the custom ROM firmware update.
  • if you wish to create backups of your SMS text messages and call logs then you should try these two applications: SMS Backup & RestoreCall Logs Backup  & Restore. If you don’t know how to use them, then please follow the instructions listed in their respective posts.
  • sync your Android SIM, Phone and all the other Contacts with your Gmail Account. If you don’t know how to do it, then follow the info in our guide here.
  • disable security applications so that these won’t interfere with the installation process.

Now that you’ve read the info above, it means that you’re ready to move to the tutorial guide and learn how to install AOKP Build 28 ICS custom ROM firmware on your Motorola Droid 2 Android smartphone. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the AOKP zip firmware file from here.
  2. Download Google Apps ‘gapps’ zip package from here. This file will allow you to install the default Google applications on your device so that you will be able to use Gmail, Calendar, Talk etc.
  3. Connect the Droid 2 to your computer using any USB cable.
  4. Move both zip files on your phone’s SDcard. After you’ve successfully transferred the files you need to launch the Bootstrap recovery and grant it superuser acces.
  5. Now tap the option that says Reboot Recovery. Your Droid 2 should power off and restart in CWM Recovery mode.
  6. Create a NANDROID backup of your current ROM installation just in case something goes wrong and the new custom ROM firmware won’t install correctly. To create a backup, you need to select Backup and Restore then select Backup. Wait for it to be complete and then move to the next step.
  7. Return to the main recovery screen and select ‘install zip from sdcard’. Now select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ and find the AOKP custom ROM zip and choose it from installation. Confirm the installation and then wait until all firmware files have been successfully updated.
  8. Get back to the main recovery screen and repeat the steps above only that now you need to select the ‘Gapps’ zip pack for installation. So, select ‘install zip from sd card/ choose zip from sdcard’ and then install ‘gapps.zip’ file. Wait for it to install and after that you get back to the main recovery screen.
  9. Select ‘reboot system now’ and wait for the smartphone to complete the first boot.

That should do it, now your Motorola Droid 2 runs on the Android AOKP custom ROM Build 28 firmware and you are free to give it a test run. In case something went wrong and for any reason you were unable to complete installation then you should let us know by posting in the comments sections. Make sure that you read all the preparation guide, listed above the tutorial guide and that your Droid 2 meets all the requirements for the installation of AOKP build 28 firmware.

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