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Install ClockworkMod ( CWM ) Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint

CWM Recovery installed on Sprint Galaxy S3

ClockworkMod Recovery is now available for the Sprint Galaxy S3 and using the instructions in this post you will be able install it without risking any damages. However, you should still be an advanced user that knows his way around Android and how to work with Odin application, as that’s the program we will use to apply the ClockworkMod recovery image.

Sprint just launched the Galaxy S3 and now you can install the custom recovery image and after that you will be able to root it. Installing the CWM Recovery along with the root files will bring a whole new dimension to your Android experience. Before we can start to install it, you will have to read the preparation info and learn what actions are needed to save your important files, sync contacts, update USB drivers etc.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 has been released last week and the guys at XDA already managed to create a working custom recovery and after that you will have to visit the device’s dedicated web page (click the device name under the picture) and find the rooting guide. Remember that if you wish to root it, then you will first have to install CWM Recovery. Here’s the preparation guide:

  • install this CWM Recovery only on the Sprint model of Galaxy S3. Do not attempt to install it on any other model of SGS3 as you might end up damaging that phone.
  • install the Samsung USB Drivers on your computer so that the Sprint SGS3 will be recognized by Odin.
  • make sure to charge the phone’s battery and this will prevent it from discharging while you’re applying the changes.
  • disable all the antivirus and antimalware programs that are now launched on your computer. This means that no other application will interfere with the install process.
  • the files currently stored on your Galaxy S3 Sprint should be backed up, so that you will avoid losing them in the process despite the fact that the chances for this to happen are very small. This action is optional.
  • Other things that you might want to save are the APN Settings, Call logs info, SMS text messages and the installed applications. Here’s a specific app for each of these tasks: AppBAK for Android apps backups | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Settings Backup & Restore.
  • If you wish to sync the Phone Contacts with your Gmail accounts and you don’t know how, then please use the info listed here.
  • read the entire tutorial guide and make sure that you know your way around using Odin and CWM Recovery. Note that we cannot be held responsible in case you damage your device.

That’s all the info you had to read before moving to the tutorial and now that you’ve done that, then you can start installing clockworkmod recovery on your Samsung GS3. In case you cannot complete the installation, then you should tells us in comments where you’re stuck and we will help you figure out how to install CWM recovery. Remember that you should go ahead only if you’re owning a Sprint model of Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to install CWM Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S3 using Odin:

  1. Download the Odin 3.04 zip file from here. Extract its contents into a single folder and leave it on your PC desktop screen.
  2. Next, download the CWM Recovery file from here. It should be a .tar file and you shouldn’t extract it, simply save it on your PC.
  3. Power off your Spring SGS3 phone. Also, make sure that it is disconnect from your computer as you’ll need to boot into Android’s Download Mode.
  4. Enter download mode by pressing and holding ‘volume down’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’ buttons at the same time. When you see the ‘warning’ message then it means download mode  is now launched and you can release the buttons. Press the ‘volume up’ to confirm that you wish to launch download mode, then an Android with ‘downloading’ text below should appear.
  5.  Go back to your PC and launch Odin executable file. It should be present in the folder created at step 1.
  6. Now connect your phone to your computer. Odin should display an ‘added’ text confirmation, which means that all drivers are installed correctly. If it doesn’t work, then try to plug the USB cable in another port and see if it works or, try to re-install the USB drivers for Samsung devices.
  7. In Odin, click the button called ‘PDA’ and find the ‘clockworkmod’ .tar file and select it.
  8. Press START and now Odin will begin the installation of CWM Recovery. Wait until the process is complete and when that happens you will notice that the SGS3 Sprint will restart.
  9. When the Samsung logo boot screen appears, disconnect the phone from the PC. Odin should say ‘pass’ and that means that all files were successfully installed.

NOTE: In case your phone is stuck in Odin, then you should remove the phone battery, close Odin, reinsert the battery and then repeat the entire tutorial.

To be sure that CWM Recovery was installed you need to:

  • switch off the device
  • press ‘volume up’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’, all at the same time, and hold them like that until CWM Recovery screen loads.
  • use the volume keys to navigate through the custom recovery options and use the ‘home’ button to select the options you wish to apply.
  • select ‘reboot system now’ to restart the SGS3 and return to the Android home screen.

If you have any extra questions, then please feel free to post them in our comments field and I will get back to you.

Now that the Sprint Galaxy S3 has CWM recovery installed you can root it and afterwards you can install new custom ROMs to improve its performances and customize any feature you wish. Feel free to return to our website because in the near future we will host some new guides on how to apply custom ROM files on SGS3 Sprint devices.