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How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Huawei MediaPad

The Huawei MediaPad users will be able to update their devices to the latest Android flavor, the Jelly Bean OS in the coming days, when we will be checking in how to install a custom ROM into your tablet’s system. But, since then, you should first prepare your tablet for the update process. The best way to begin is by learning how to install a custom recovery image, like ClockworkMod Recovery, on your Huawei MediaPad. This is exactly what I have explained during the following step by step guide so for further aspects check the next lines.

The ClockworkMod Recovery custom recovery image will be required each time you will want to make changes or improve things from your Huawei MediaPad. You will not be able to install a custom ROM, beta software, or apply an unofficial update on your tablet, unless you previously flashed the CWM on it. Furthermore, by using such a tool, you can easily backup the data and even the current ROM that runs on your device, you can wipe the system, clear the cache, flash a file from the SD card and a lot more. As you can see, you have all the reasons for performing this operation.

Take note though as this operation doesn’t come from Huawei and has nothing to do with the already mentioned company. More, if you perform this step by step guide then you will agree with the fact that the warranty will be void. So, be careful in what you do and follow my directions and read all the lines from this tutorial. The warranty can be restored by downgrading to the stock ROM or by applying an official update to your Media Pad. Your handset will be in safe hands and with ClockworkMod Recovery installed only if you are reading the steps from below; don’t try to perform this task by yourselves as you can brick your tablet.

This version of CWM which is suitable for your Huawei MediaPad (develop and tested by those of xda-developers) is still in its beta stage of developing. This means that not all the features are working as it should. So, read the list from below for making a better idea and for learning which the things that can’t be used on this variant of CWM are.

Reported bugs

Reported bugs

Then, be careful as the data which is being saved on the internal storage memory might get corrupted; after the process ends you will not be able to use it anymore. Therefore, first backup all of your personal data, starting from messages, contacts, calendar info, recent saves, images, videos and ending with the Market apps. All these can be backed up easily by following suitable tutorials which can be reached by searching through our how to section. Take your time, complete this operation and then return here and resume the rest of the steps.

Beside the backup you should also take care of other aspects. First you need to have access to a Windows running PC with Internet connection, to your tablet and to its USB cord. Then, uninstall the Firewall protection and any other security programs from your computer and from your device. Enable the USB debugging option from your Pad. And in the end, check the battery status; if there is less than 60% power left, then charge the battery before beginning the tutorial from below.

Now, you can safely head to the next and final section of this guide. Ensure that you are not installing the CWM on a similar device with the Huawei MediaPad as you can easily brick it. That was all for now, so let’s see what you need to do for installing a custom recovery image on your tablet.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Huawei Media Pad

  1. First of all, you must get and install (on your computer) ADB from here.
  2. Then download from here the CWM image and place it to the same folder as fastboot.
  3. Connect your tablet with the computer.
  4. Use the USB cord for completing this.
  5. On your computer open command prompt: “Start -> run -> cmd”.
  6. Then, on the command prompt window enter the commands: “fastboot flash recovery recovery-”; “fastboot flash recovery2 recovery-” and fastboot reboot”.
  7. That was all; in the end disconnect the Pad by removing the USB cable and turn it off.
  8. Reboot it and enter in recovery image.

Congratulations, your Huawei Media Pad now has the ClockworkMod Recovery custom recovery image installed in its system. You can now look forward in applying an update or flash a custom ROM into the internal system. As mentioned, stay close as during the following days we will be checking in how to update the Media Pad to Jelly Bean by flashing a custom ROM, of course this being possible only with the CWM tool. Share your thoughts with us and do tell us if there were issues while trying to complete the steps from above.