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How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

After we have explained you how to root the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, it’s time to reveal another important operation which must be applied on your smartphone. Therefore, in today’s step by step guide, I will try to teach you how to install a custom recovery image, the Clockworkmod Recovery one, on your Blaze 4G Android powered handset. The process is quite similar (we will use the Odin program) with the rooting one, so you have nothing to worry about.

Clockworkmod Recovery is an important tool which brings numerous capabilities for your device. With CWM you will be able to make restoration and maintenance operations, you will be able to delete the cache from your phone, install un-officials firmware (OS updates) or flash custom ROMs into the system. It is designed to work only on Android powered devices and it isn’t included in the default system, you must install it after buying the handset.

You should learn how to install Clockworkmod Recovery on your Galaxy S Blaze 4G especially for the OS. As you know the smartphone is featuring the Gingerbread version of the Android platform. So, it is implied that you will consider in updating to Ice Cream Sandwich. But, unfortunately, there are no words about an official release coming from Samsung. That means you have to flash an unofficial firmware and in order to do so you must first root and install Clockworkmod Recovery on your phone. As you can see you have all the reasons for following our how to guide.

Remember that the present operation is described only for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, so don’t try to apply the same on other similar Android devices as you can wreck its system. Furthermore, once you get started, the warranty will be void, so be careful in what you do. Follow and do as explained in the steps and there shouldn’t be any kinds of issues. But, if you think you can’t handle it, maybe it is a good idea to stop going any further. If you wreck your phone, that’s it, nobody will help you.

Backup the Blaze 4G data as it can be wiped out. I know that your personal info is extremely important for you, so don’t risk losing it. Take all the time you need and complete the backup task first and then return here. For helping you, I recommend you to take a look over our previous step by step tutorials from where you can learn how to save your data, apps, contacts, messages and so on. Just follow the links from below:

After backing up, you must prepare your smartphone. First of all, charge it, or at least make sure that there is minimum 70% battery power left. Then, uninstall the antivirus from the handset and from the PC (as you can tell, you must use a Windows running computer). Furthermore, if the Samsung PC software Kies is installed on your PC, uninstall it as it might interrupt with the procedure.

Now, assuming that you have completed the above presented, it’s time to start the proper guide. Below are the steps that must be performed. Read carefully and don’t skip any line.

How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Galaxy S Blaze 4G

  1. Download Odin to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file and then run the executable.
  3. Then, download (on the same PC) the Clockworkmod Recovery file from here and the PIT file from here.
  4. On the Odin window, look for the “PDA” section and open it.
  5. Select the CWM tool, which you have downloaded in step 3.
  6. Back on Odin click on the option named “PIT”. Then select the second file (PIT) as previously.
  7. On the same Odin select “auto reboot”. Don’t make any other changes.
  8. Now, use your phone; power it off.
  9. Reboot by entering in download mode.
  10. The download mode menu can be accessed by holding down simultaneously the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons while powering on the handset.
  11. Connect the Galaxy S Blaze 4G with the computer.
  12. On Odin the “Added” prompt should be displayed.
  13. Click start on the same for commencing the installation procedure.
  14. When finished the phone should reboot automatically and on Odin you should see the “Pass” message displayed.
  15. As soon as this happens you can remove the USB cable and disconnect the handset from the computer.
  16. That’s it.

Well, there you have it; it wasn’t so hard after all. Hopefully, everything went as planned and now the Clockworkmod Recovery is installed on your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. If there were problems or if you can’t understand what to do, share your questions and I will try to do my best in order to help you out.