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How to Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

If you are looking into flashing a custom recovery image on your Samsung Galaxy S2 handset, then you are in the right place as I am about to explain the perfect and easiest method for getting and installing the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery tool on your Android powered smartphone. The tutorial can be applied only for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 2 model number SGH-T989 phones, so don’t follow the same for similar devices (you will brick it). For the proper step by step guide check the following lines.

First of all, let’s see what a custom recovery image means. A recovery image is a powerful tool that once installed on your device will offer capabilities that are not included in the default version of the software. Furthermore, you will need to have a recovery app flashed if you want to gain root access over your phone’s system, apply OS updates or install custom ROMs, unofficial and beta firmware over the basic Android platform. But, the most important aspect is referring to another detail: backup. By using the features of a custom recovery you will be able to perform full and safe backups and restorations operations. Saving the data from your device will be a one-tap operation, not to mention that you will be able to backup the current ROM, which can be easily restored in case you damage the system and you can’t use it no more.

Now, the most popular and used recovery for Android is the ClockworkMod Recovery custom recovery image. You can learn how to install the same on any Android phones by reading our previous guide. But, the classic CWM interface is a little bit unfriendly not to mention that the only way in which you can use the tool is by taping on the volume and power buttons from your handsets. That’s why you should get the touch-enabled clockworkmod recovery which is a more intuitive app. So, stay close as I will teach you how to install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on any T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 smartphone.

Before we begin, here are the preparations that must be completed. Don’t skip to the installation section of this guide, read all the lines.

  • Check and make sure that the battery status from your phone is showing at least 60% power left. If not, charge the battery first.
  • Deactivate Firewall tools installed on the device or on the computer (you will have to use a computer and the phone’s USB cord).
  • Backup the text messages from your Galaxy S 2 by downloading the backup and restore tools needed.
  • Backup Call log info.
  • Learn how to sync with your Gmail account for saving your contacts.
  • Use the computer or the SD card for saving any other data stored on your phone as the installation procedure might wipe all of your personal info.

After completing the up mentioned check if you have a Galaxy S model number SGH-T989 (Setting-> About phone). If you have a different version of the handset stop going further as you can brick it. As soon as you ensure that you are “safe” go and start completing the steps from below.

How to Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

  1. Download the Samsung drivers from here.
  2. Download the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery app from here.
  3. Download Odin.
  4. Save the files on your computer.
  5. Open Odin.
  6. Turn off your phone and reboot it in download mode. For achieving this take the USB cable and plug it in with the computer (not the phone). Plug the phone while holding down the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. The download mode should be displayed.
  7. In Odin the “added” message should be displayed.
  8. On Odin click on the “PDA” option and select the .md5 file downloaded before.
  9. Don’t make any other changes.
  10. Click “start” for beginning the installation procedure.
  11. When it’s done the phone will reboot automatically.
  12. In Odin the “Pass” message should be displayed.
  13. You can disconnect the handset from the computer by removing the USB cable.

That’s it; your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 has now the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery installed in the system. Reboot it and enter in the same. See how the app works and try its features. Do tell us if you are satisfied by the app, or if you are having problems in using it.