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Install CM11 on Galaxy S Advance (Android 4.4.2 KitKat Firmware)

The Galaxy S Advance has been an extremely appreciated Android based device. Unfortunately this smartphone will no longer receive OTA update from Samsung and Google, meaning that you won’t be able to test the pure Android 4.4 KitKat OS on your own S Advance. But, instead you can choose to install a custom ROM firmware based on latest Android software, just like CM11 system. Well, this is exactly what we will be doing during the following lines: checking on how to install Android 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy S Advance with CM 11 custom ROM firmware.

As you know, a custom ROM represents an unofficial port of the stock Android OS. So, in our case, CM11 is a ported version of official Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS that can now be updated on the Galaxy S Advance. In fact, CM11 is a free aftermarket distribution of Android OS, developed and offered by third party devs – the CM team. Because of that, the present update shouldn’t be considered official as you will not apply an official Android 4.4.2 OS on your Galaxy S Advance.

Now, like any other custom ROM, CM11 is coming with stock and extra features, apps, capabilities and tools. The extra features can’t be found on the default version of Android KitKat firmware, so the same are quite important for you. Actually, with CM 11 installed or updated on your Galaxy S Advance, you will be able to power up the performances of your Android device. Basically you will be able to gain more speed (you can remove in built apps, remove bloatware and so on), upgrade the battery life, update the web browsing experience, change the looks (enjoy a new theme manager, use a custom UI as you will not get the pure Android 4.4.2 KitKat user experience) and so on.

So, if you want to obtain all that and even more, you will have to complete this step by step guide. In order to do that, you first have to complete the pre requisites from below. Don’t skip the lines from below as without completing the pre requisites you will probably end up in bricking your Android device.

First of all, since this update isn’t official and since you will install a custom ROM, root access must be gained on your S Advance. Without rooting your phone you will not be able to go any further. Gaining root is the first step to make when looking into updating with a custom ROM, such as CM 11 or such as any other custom platform, so do use a compatible root solution for your handset. Be careful when doing the same, as root isn’t official and by performing this operation you will lose the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy S Advance.

The warranty can be restored as soon as you downgrade your smartphone to stock Android OS. Of course, then the root access will be revoked and the stock firmware flashed on your phone instead of custom CM11 Android 4.4.2 platform.

After completing the operation mentioned above you will have to install the latest version of CWM or TWRP recovery on your S Advance. Do note that only the latest release of CWM or TWRP recovery will work for you – else you will not be able to safely update with CM11 Android 4.4.2. Also, use one of the mentioned apps as the same ha been used by the devs when testing the update on the SGS Advance.

Finally, make a backup. It is important to save your data, personal info and accounts along with contacts list, call logs, text messages, EFS folder and so on because a wipe will be required. When wiping the system, all of your data will get erased, so do not skip the backup operation. Also consider in making a Nandroid backup for saving the current ROM – if CM 11 will not be on your taste you will be able to go back to current OS.

As for this version of CM11, don’t worry as the same is stable and comes without bugs or issues. You will be installing a custom version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS that will smoothly run on your Galaxy S Advance. According to those who have already updated their smartphones with this software, all the features and capabilities are working perfectly and there are no signs of bugs or any other problems.

On the other hand, for the present update operation you will need to use a computer, your phone and its USB cable. On the computer, first of all you need to deactivate the antivirus and any other security protection – do that or else the same programs will interfere with our work. Then, on your device, go to “menu – settings – developer options” and enable the USB debugging option – useful as you will have to connect your device with your computer. Also, in order to avoid bad things from happening, before going any further charge your handset – especially if it has only or less than 50% power left.

Do remember that this tutorial is compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy S Advance model number I9070. Using the steps from below for updating another Android device will probably brick your smartphone / tablet so try not to mess things up – just stick to the guidelines from below and everything will be fine.

How to Install CM11 on Galaxy S Advance (Android 4.4.2 KitKat Firmware)

  1. From here download the update file.
  2. Also from here download Google Apps package.
  3. Save these files on your computer, preferable on desktop.
  4. Don’t unzip the downloaded files.
  5. Connect your S Advance with the computer via USB cable.
  6. Transfer the CM11 file and the Google apps package from computer to your phone’s SD card.
  7. Unplug the USB cord.
  8. Turn off your phone.
  9. Enter your Android device in recovery mode.
  10. From recovery first wipe the data by selecting “wipe data factory reset”.
  11. Then clear cache by choosing “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache”.
  12. Return to main menu of recovery.
  13. Then select “install zip from SD card” and “choose zip from SD card”.
  14. Pick the update file and install Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS on your phone.
  15. Similar, repeat the process and install Google apps package.
  16. In the end, from recovery select “reboot system now” and you are done.

Good job; you have installed CM11 Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S Advance so congratulations. Now you just have to test the software in order to see if everything is running and working as expected. Anyway, in the end, don’t forget about us and share your experience and impressions with our team and with other Android users too – just use the comments field from below.

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  • Sandeep

    How to install this please help me

    • Sachin Kumar

      It’s so simple first root your device then install CWM and TWRP custom recovery and download cm11 roms & google gapps for 4.4.2 and then flash the downloaded files in recovery mode and reboot the device

      • Taki

        how can i install CWM and TWRP?

        • ABHISHEK

          anyone have gingerBread 2.3.6 FIRMWARE

  • Ravo

    wifi not working!!!!!

  • aroff

    I have installed carbon rom using similar method as yours and it runs nicely but sometime quite unstable. It hangs quite frequently. Is CM11 any better?

  • Rajath Shetty

    WiFi is not working.Any solution would be really helpful.
    Thank You

    • no

      try to format your phone

  • Apoorv

    Phone not charging properly except when switched off.

  • Aju

    hey will it damage my wifi connectivity

  • raj

    the video call option through the default dialer is missing , how to get that option back , any solution will be helpful

  • Amin

    I installed this ROM but I cannot make any phone calls. My mobile data is also off.
    I also tried a JB Custom ROM but I had the same problem!!!
    Now I’m back on 2.3.6 !!!!
    What should I do??? What’s my fault???
    Please help, I want KitKat !

    • dinesh sahane

      my same problem bro

    • A

      2.3.6 Custom rom kaha se mila ….plz tell me

  • Amin

    Finally I could install this ROM and it works pretty good on my S Advance. Except one problem!!!! Gapps didn’t install.
    I tried other Gapps packages but still not working.

    ***(I should mention that I installed this Rom from stock JB and now have no wifi and calling and other problems.)
    ***(The previous time that I installed this Rom from stock GB 2.3.6 , I had wifi and Sim card problems.)

  • dinesh sahane

    my 3g internet not working in aosp

  • dinesh sahane

    mobile internet not working plss give me solution for this………

  • Kaiost

    Can i use internal storage to do this?

  • shoaib

    there is a signature problem

  • Nicorici Adrian

    I have install this on Rooted Galaxy S Advance and my phone is not starting anymore.Why?

  • subair

    base band unknown

  • neth

    now my phone do not have USB storage? what should i do?

  • Nemo

    Signature failed.
    So useless

  • Nashboy

    Hi y’all.

    i recently flashed the above ROM and have the following issues:

    1. need to remove the Google search bar on home screen…its annoying i don’t like it I’ve seen people saying to do so under home settings which brings me to…

    2. the home tab under personalization has no options to it

    3.brightness auto not functioning

    4.have to setup Sim pin to get the Sim toolkit. can it not function by itself without the Sim pin?

    5. speaker mode in calls not working
    6. no FM Radio
    7. WIFI hangs when switched on, off n back on

    other than that everything else works fine

  • wan

    Very smooth no lagging… But video call not working… Give me any solution for fix this problem

  • Abbas Saeed

    I have installed kitkat in galaxy advance 1st there was no google maps and wifi was not working but that was my fault then i tried again with different google apps and it is now working perfectly fine

  • satvver singh

    error is signature failed .. please help

  • satveer

    hi after this my phn battery drian after some time please help

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  • Imran Badane

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