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How to Install CWM Recovery on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 N900T

When dealing with high end Android based devices it should be all about customization and optimization procedures. Well, tweaking your Android handset is not that easy as you need to previously complete a series of custom operations that are including gaining root access and installing a custom recovery image. Now, if your high-end Android powered gadget is the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900T, then this step by step guide will be perfect for you as we will be checking on how to install CWM recovery on the mentioned phablet.

CWM recovery is a custom recovery that can be installed on the Android based devices. Actually CWM recovery is one of the most used custom recovery by the Android users as the app is available for almost all the handsets available on the market. Therefore, the same will smoothly run on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 too. Now, you need to apply this guide if you want to tweak your smartphone. Why? Well because CWM recovery offers a user interface that allows us the possibility of “interfering” with the internal system of our gadgets.

That’s why the stock recovery can’t be used when dealing with complex or unofficial operations. And also, that’s why, by using CWM recovery on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 you will be able to remove the bloatware, install custom ROMs, custom kernels, overclock the CPU and perform other procedures like: Nandroid backups, wiping, customize the looks, optimize the performances, restoring the current ROM, restoring the data and so on.

As you can already tell, CWM recovery can be installed only on rooted systems; so for being able to complete the guidelines from below you should first learn how to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900T (use the link for getting a suitable step by step guide). Be careful though as the warranty of your handset will get lost – you are performing unofficial operations and the binary flash counter will be increased.

It’s also important to know that on rooted devices that are installed with CWM recovery the official updates can’t be applied automatically via OTA; you will have to manually flash the stock Android updates on your Note 3 via Odin. Also, since the warranty will get void, for restoring the same you will have to do exactly what I have mentioned above: downgrade / update to stock / official Android system.

A backup is highly recommended; even though by using this guide is unlikely to lose your personal info, since we are talking about your personal data and accounts you can never be too sure. Because of that I strongly recommend you to use suitable backup and restore tools from Google Play for saving your contacts, text messages, market apps, EFS folder and basically everything else that you might need afterwards. Then, return here and resume the rest of the steps from this step by step tutorial.

Similar with the root operation, for the present guide a Windows based computer or notebook will be required as well as for your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 and its official USB cord. Remember that this is not an official operation so you will have to download CWM recovery on your computer; because of that first deactivate the security protection that is running on your PC. The flashing procedure will take a few minutes and if your device isn’t charged enough it might get turned off; so for avoiding the unpleasant situations, before starting the proper guide, plug in the charger. Finally, from path “settings -> applications -> development” enable USB debugging option.

It’s important to know that this tutorial isn’t compatible with all the variants of Galaxy Note 3. So, apply the next steps for installing CWM recovery only if you own the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model number N900T; else you can end up in bricking your Android based device.

How to Install CWM Recovery on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 N900T

  1. First, on your computer install the Note 3 drivers. If you don’t have the proper drivers, download Samsung KIES and install the program on your computer; the drivers will then be installed automatically.
  2. Then, download Odin on you PC; unzip the program and install it.
  3. Finally, download the WCM recovery file from here; unzip it on desktop.
  4. Now, run Odin on your computer.
  5. Turn off your smartphone and reboot in download mode.
  6. The Note 3 can be booted in download mode by pressing on power, volume down and home buttons.
  7. Connect your phone with the computer via USB cable.
  8. Take a look on Odin where you should notice the ID:COM section which should be yellow or blue and the “added” message which should be displayed.
  9. If not, you need to repeat the steps from above; but first, close Odin, unplug the USB cord and re-flash the Note 3 drivers on the computer.
  10. If everything is working as explained, from Odin click on “PDA”.
  11. Select the CWM recovery file from your computer.
  12. On Odin the re partition and f.reset time options should be unchecked.
  13. Click on “start”.
  14. Wait a few minutes while CWM recovery is being installed.
  15. In the end, the “pass” message will be displayed. Also the ID:COM section will turn green.
  16. You can remove the USB cable and reboot your handset.
  17. Use the guide from here for learning how to boot T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 in recovery mode.

Perfect; you have now a rooted device with CWM recovery installed. So, you can look forward in applying a custom ROM, kernel or in overclocking your Android device. Use this step by step guide each time you need to install CWM Recovery on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900T and use the comments are from below for sharing your experience and thoughts with us.