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How to Install CM10 on Motorola Defy

After we have seen how to update several smartphones to the latest Android flavor, the 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, now we will do the same for the Motorola Defy users. All this thanks to those of xda-developers who had tested the CyanogenMod 10 custom ROM firmware to the same device. So, during the following lines I will be teaching you the easiest way in which you can install the CM 10 ROM in order to update your Defy to Android 4.1 platform. Completing the tutorial will only take a couple of minutes from your time, so give it a try.

It’s important to apply the step by step guide only for the Motorola Defy handsets and not for similar smartphones, such as the Defy Plus, as you can brick them. Furthermore, this firmware can be installed on any Android based software, so it doesn’t matter what OS is running on your phone. Another aspect that you must know is related to the type of update you will use. CM 10 is not coming from Motorola and has nothing to do with the already mentioned company. It is just a custom ROM, which is being based on the Jelly Bean software, so by flashing the same you will be able to update the Defy with an unofficial OS.

More, this detail is linked to another aspect: the warranty. For being able to install the CyanogenMod 10 ROM on your Motorola Defy, you will have to previously root your phone. This operation is requiring an unchained system, so take care of it. Then, for flashing the update file into the phone’s internal memory you will have to use a custom recovery image. Therefore, after rooting, install ClockWorkMod recovery on your device. Anyway, as soon as you gain root access and remove the default restrictions, the warranty will get void. In case you do something wrong, then you will be by yourselves.

If this scares you, maybe you will want to regain the lost warranty. For those who want that (be aware that once you do this the root access will be revoked and the bootloader relocked) the stock ROM is required. This means you will have to make a downgrade operation. Also, you can restore the warranty by updating your Defy with an official update. Unfortunately there are no words coming from Motorola about a future Jelly Bean upgrade, so the downgrade is the only possibility so far.

Now, CyanogenMod 10 is a custom ROM, which is designed and developed for bringing features and capabilities not found in the default version of the Android system, to any Android based smartphone and tablet. Furthermore, the firmware will improve the performances offering you more access to the phone’s internal system. The features are many, though you will not be able to enjoy the classic Android interface, the ROM featuring its own looks. As a final note, this version of CM 10 is not the official one, so there are bugs in the system. From the things that do work, we mentioned the below list:

Things that works in CM 10 for Motorola Defy

Things that works in CM 10 for Motorola Defy

After rooting, installing a custom recovery image and consulting the features list, you must focus on completing the preparation tasks. In this way you can ensure that nothing bad will happen during the installation procedure. First of all, just make sure you have access to a Windows running computer (and Internet connection), to your phone and to its USB cord. Then, take a look and complete the tips from the next list.

With the pre requisites completed you can safely head to the next section of this step by step guide. Read all carefully and don’t perform steps by yourselves without consulting my directions. Again, make sure you are applying the tutorial only for the Motorola Defy handset and not for any other similar device.

How to Install CyanogenMod 10 on Motorola Defy

  1. Use your computer and download the CM 10 package from here and the Google apps from here.
  2. Then, connect the phone with the PC by using the USB cord.
  3. Now, select the downloaded files and copy-paste them to your device.
  4. When done, disconnect the handset.
  5. Turn it off.
  6. Reboot by holding the Volume Down button while pressing the Power one.
  7. In this way you will enter in recovery mode.
  8. From recovery select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” for performing a full wipe of the system.
  9. When the wipe is over return to the recovery menu: “+++go back+++”.
  10. Then, from the same recovery choose “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card”.
  11. Pick the update package first, install the same and then do the same thing again for installing the Google Apps.
  12. In the end select “+++go back+++” followed by “reboot system now”.

That was all. Now take your time and test the new software. Your Motorola Defy should run the latest Android version, the 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. Remember that you are using a custom ROM (CyanogenMod 10) so features will be different from the classic Android ones. Also, this is a beta version of the update so there might be some things that aren’t working well. If so, share them with us and with other users; stay close as we ill update with further how to guides as soon as a new firmware is coming out for your Defy.

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