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Install ‘Google Now’ on rooted Ice Cream Sandwich ( ICS ) Android 4.0.x devices

Google Now APK for Android 4.0 ICS

Google Now is one of the best new features announced by Google for their latest Android  4.1 Jelly Bean edition and now, some developers from XDA managed to create a hack that allows you to install the Google Now service even on the Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Read the instructions I’ve listed in this post and you will learn how to properly change the APK of Google Now and force it to work on your ICS smartphone.

You can get the Google Now application can be installed on Ice Cream Sandwich devices that are running on AOSP-based ROM’s. Also, please note that the app isn’t very stable and you might have problems with it, which is why you should only try to install it for testing purposes. The Google Voice search isn’t working but instead the Knowledge Graph function and all other extra functions have been included. This guide is for advanced Android users and as I told you should install it only on devices that are AOSP based and running ICS.

Now that you know all of the above, you should move to the tutorial guide and learn how to successfully install the Google Now function on your Android 4.0 ICS device. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download and install a root-enabled file explorer like ROOT Explorer, Total Commander, Solid Explorer, ES File Explorer or other similar apps on your device.
  2. Launch the root file explorer and open ‘/system’ folder.
  3. Press the ‘Mount R/W’ button and after that navigate to the ‘build.prop’ file and press and hold it. Select ‘Open in text editor’ option.
  4. Navigate to the line that is called ‘ro.build.version.sdk=15’ and edit it to the following name: ro.build.version.sdk=16. After that press ‘menu’ key and select ‘Save and Exit’.
  5. Next, open ‘/system/app’ and now press and hold ‘GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk’. Change its name to’GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1′. NOTE: In case your device doesn’t have this file then you should skip this step.
  6. Restart your Android device.
  7. Install the Google Now APK on your phone.
  8. Return to your phone’s ‘build.prop’ file and edit it again from ‘ro.build.version.sdk=16’ to ‘ro.build.version.sdk=15’.
  9. Restart the device once again.
  10. After the ICS home screen boots into home screen you should start testing the new Google Now features. Test the device and make sure to tell us in comments which is the device you’re using it and how is Google Now performing.

Please note that not all the functions and features of Jelly Bean Google Now will work on your ICS device and you should know this before complaining that the application is incomplete. Also, you won’t be able to use it at 100% of capacity as the Google Voice search cannot be used with Google Now.

If you didn’t manage to install the app, then please feel free to ask for our help in comments. Remember that you should only use the Google Now on Android 4.0.x ICS only for testing purposes so that you’ll know what to expect when you’ll update the device to Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS.