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Install New DXLB3 Firmware On Galaxy Tab 7.7 Using One Click Odin

Galaxy Tab 7.7 DXLB3 Firmware Update

Galaxy Tab 7.7 has been launched last year in September and in this article you will learn how to install/ update it to the latest DXLB3 firmware version using the One Click Odin tool. All the info you can be found in this post and in order to apply it correctly you will need to read the entire article.

For the moment, Samsung works on upgrading and improving the Honeycomb Android 3.2 for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the DXLB3 firmware build is the last one to be released for it. The update DXLB3 can be installed by using ODIN to flash a pre-rooted firmware version. Please note that it will work only for the Galaxy Tab versions with model number P6800 and you shouldn’t attempt to install it on other devices. To check the model version you will need to go to Settings and check the About menu and, if the number listed there corresponds to the one listed in this post then you are free to move to the next part.

Before starting to update your device, you will need to read the info in the preparation guide below:

  • backup your videos, audio, photos and the other files that are important to you. Some files might get corrupted during the update and if you don’t use to lose them you should transfer all of them on your PC or on the tablet’s SD card.
  • sync your contacts with your Gmail account so that you won’t lose them.
  • make sure that the USB drivers for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 are updated and installed on your PC. These can be installed using KIES. However, when we will move to the updating guide you will need to disable KIES because it might create conflicts with Odin program.
  • charge your tablet’s battery until it reaches over 80% power and in this way the device won’t power off while you’re updating it.
  • remember that your device needs to be a P6800 model number running Android Honeycomb.

Now you can move to the first step of the tutorial guide. Remember that we cannot be held responsible in case your device gets damaged or bricked as you should be an advanced user when it comes to rooting, flashing or installing new firmware on Android devices.

How to install DXLB3 firmware update on your Galaxy Tab 7.7:

  1. Download the firmwar file from here or here.
  2. Double click the downloaded exe file and then extract the firmware image file in a single folder.
  3. Now download Odin 1.85 from here and then extract its contents into the same folder you’ve extracted the firmware image file at step 2.
  4. Power OFF the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Now press Volume Down, Home and the Power buttons, all at the same time. The download mode screen will appear.
  5. Launch ODIN.exe and wait for it to load.
  6. Click the PDA button and choose the firmware image file ‘.tar.md5’. Connect the tablet to your PC and then Odin should display an ‘added’ message. In case you can’t see this image, the your computer doesn’t have installed the USB drivers for the tablet. Go back to the preparation guide and learn how to install them. If everything is working correctly, you simply need to click START in Odin.
  7. The DXLB3 firmware is now installing on your phone and you need to wait until it is complete. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 should restart and an update successful confirmation message will be displayed by ODIN.
  8. Go ahead and disconnect the tablet from your PC as the updating process has been successfully completed and now you’re free to start testing the new firmware version.

Please note that in case ODIN or the Tablet aren’t responding and one of them got stuck, then you will need to disconnect them and remove the battery out of the tablet. Place it back in its place and then go to step 4 and repeat all steps from then ON. Eventually you will succeed in installing the Android Honeycomb DXLB3 firmware on your Galaxy Tab 7.7 device. If you have any other questions, you should use the comments section to post them and we will help you figure out what’s troubling you.

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