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Install Official ICS Android 4.0.4 Update on LG Prada 3 P940

Those who own the recently released LG Prada 3 P940 smartphone can now enjoy the ICS flavor as I will be showing you how to manually apply the update on your Android powered handset. As the firmware is not yet global, I will be teaching you the manual installation procedure, so you will not be able to OTA (Over the Air) flash the ROM. The tutorial will be easy to follow, though you will have to be patience in order to properly complete the steps. Read the next lines for further details.

The official ICS Android 4.0.4 update is available only for the LG Prada 3 German users, but as it is a global variant anyone who owns such a device will be able to flash the software. The OS comes straight from LG, but there are no words about the future availability of the same; therefore, if you want the ICS features on your phone you should follow this step by step guide. In case you are a German customer, than you can wait for the OTA possibility, or you can ask for more details through your carrier.

When we first heard about the Prada 3, we were quite surprised as we didn’t expect to see such a handset promised by LG. The Prada is a high end smartphone with impressive specs, a rare thing when it comes to LG. The phone was released in January this year, its only “gap” being related to the OS: Gingerbread and not ICS, though an update was shortly promised. The best part is that LG managed to keep its promises so now we can power up the P940 with the latest Android flavor. For those who don’t know, the Prada 3 specs are including a dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 processor, 1 GB RAM, 512 MB ROM, 8 GB of internal storage memory, a large 4.3 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, an 8 MP rear facing camera along with a 1.3 MP front facing one and the Gingerbread OS on top of all.

All these are making the LG Prada 3 a powerful smartphone with decent to high end specs; but for taking full advantage of its capabilities you should install this official ICS update, which will bring numerous features, capabilities and bug fixes to your phone’s system. We are dealing with the official version of the firmware, so the warranty will not be void. Furthermore, in case you had previously rooted your device, now you will be able to restore the warranty (the same is applying if your handset is running a custom software or a custom ROM) and revoke the root access. This means that the bootloader will be relocked and the factory restrictions re-installed. Anyway, don’t worry as we will show you how to easily unchain the Prada 3 system in the coming days when we will bring a suitable step by step tutorial.

Now, let’s concentrate on updating the LG Prada 3 OS. Before completing the proper steps, you must make some preparation operations which are required for the actual procedure. Also, you should do a backup of your data, as you can lose important personal info. You have it all explained below, so don’t skip this section as it’s the most relevant one. Make sure you have access to a Windows running computer and to your phone’s USB cord before.

  • As already stated for being sure that you are not losing any of your data, you should perform a backup procedure. For this you can use several apps from Google Play or the phone’s SD card. Here are some tips for making a proper, safe and full backup: use SMS backup and restore apps for Android; download call log backup and restore tools; backup internet settings, save market apps; backup the current ROM; sync with Google and backup the contacts; use a computer or an SD card for saving images, or video files.
  • Install the LG Prada drivers on your PC.
  • Charge the handset’s battery, or check if there is more the 60% power left.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from your device.
  • Deactivate the security tools that run on both computer and phone.
  • Apply this tutorial only for the LG Prada 3 model number P940.

After completing the up mentioned operations, you can safely go and begin the proper guide. Read the steps and do all as explained there. Don’t try to do things by yourselves as you can brick your beloved smartphone.

How to Install Official ICS Android 4.0.4 Update on LG Prada 3 P940

  1. Download the firmware from here and save it to your computer. When you save it ensure that it is a .kdz format.
  2. Then, go and open the “shttp3.exe” executable.
  3. From the window that opens choose “Update Entry in Main Menu” followed by “Add to Startup”.
  4. Set a password and select “install”.
  5. Go to start menu and from there select “Small HTTP Server”; from the settings go for the HTTP tab and rename the port to “9002”. Click “ok”.
  6. Go to “C:\shttps” from where you should open the “www” folder.
  7. On a different window, go to “C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc”.
  8. Up next, copy paste the “hosts” from “C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc” to the “ORIG” folder located at “HOSTS” folder in flash package folder.
  9. From “C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc” delete the files and copy paste the “hosts” file from the flash package folder’s to the “MOD Folder” to the path “C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc”.
  10. When you are done, go to flash package folder and double click on “B2CAppSetup.exe” (you can find it through “Software”) in order to install the same (follow the prompts).
  11. Then, go the “Flashing” folder, run the “Windows enabler” and activate the same form the task bar. Return to “Flashing” and install “msxml.msi”.
  12. Make sure you have admin privileges on your PC.
  13. Turn off the phone.
  14. Remove its battery.
  15. Connect it with the PC by using the USB cord.
  16. Then, hold the “Volume UP and Power” buttons at the same time and insert the battery on your phone.
  17. From the “Flashing” folder run the pTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe executable, change the product to “3GQCT” and the mode to “Emergency”.
  18. Open flashtool (the tool should be installed on your PC).
  19. Choose “Select kdz file” and select the same.
  20. Follow the Normal web upgrade test -> Upgrade Start ->Select Country & Language -> Country: Different Country -> Change Language -> OK.
  21. When it’s done the handset will reboot automatically.
  22. That was all; you can now disconnect the Prada from the computer.

So, what do you think? The steps were numerous indeed, but the process was not hard to complete. Anyway, if you had problems in understanding one of my directions, share the issues with us and we will try to help you out. That was the how to procedure in which you could learn how to manually update the LG Prada 3 P940 with the official Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware. You can check for the same from “Settings -> About Phone”. Also, stay close as we will come with a suitable rooting solution in the coming days.

  • Dave Choy

    Hi I am trying to upgrade my LG Prada P940 phone but I am lost at steps 8 to 11. I don’t see a Hosts folder, or an ORIG folder or MOD folder and I don’t have the file

    Please clarify and I hope you can help


    • hillin

      The ‘hosts’ is simply a file with no extension, not a folder. It is often hidden with a system attribute, so you might need to enable displaying hidden files and system-protected files, in folder options.

  • Wanlei

    Hi, I’m having the same problem with dave. Im in Canada so the update isnt available for yet it looks like. I’m on step 8, but im having trouble copying the file to the “HOSTS” folder. I’m not sure what flash package is either… Could someone make a youtube video for this?


    • someone

      Hosts is a file (a text file) without extension

  • hads2000

    I can download the kdz file but that’s as far as I get. It isnt too good being stuck on step 2 but for the life of me I cant find the shttp3.exe file that I am supposed to “go and open”. There is nothing to extract in the kdz file download. there is only the one file???

  • saifalfadil

    is this required rooted device?

    • ali

      no … its official…

      • 0sevenone

        have you tried this?

  • brandon

    how to get ics 4.0 for my samsung admire

    contact me at bigbootz935@gmail.com

  • 0sevenone

    have anyone tried this? is it worked?

  • saifalfadil

    how to find “shttp3.exe” ?

  • 0sevenone


  • Luz

    This firmware package contains the entire language? Does it work on devices other countries, or just Americans?

  • Jake

    who has the file? can you send it to me? keanology@gmail.com

  • Felipe Betancurt

    in step 18 where I find the tool?

  • Felipe Betancurt

    in step 19 where I add the file path kdz?

  • Nick

    Where is the Download File ??
    Confused !!

  • Kunal Aggarwal

    i have tried this tutorial from at least 10 different online forums ; and i just cannot get to step 2….almost all the v20D(thats the ics firmware file name from LG) links are now dead; have been able to get .rar file in 3 parts from a link on xda developers forum; extracted that to a .kdz format which is a 359 MB file howerever i cannot open this .kdz file hence i cannot go to the next step. How am i suppopsed to find this shttp.exe within this kdz and proceed from here; please guide!….kunal718718@gmail.com

    I am about 6 months too late in trying to update this compared to most users who must have now already outlived this phone however i love the handset and MUST run this long overdue update before i decide to just go with a new device. All help greatly appreciated…thanx!

  • siamak

    sorry please help me i want to find the program -usb to phone- run automatic and install update 4.04 or upper in my phone{ prada 3} . i dont want perform step 1 to n &…. .sorry i can write english a lot

  • Hasan Salame

    where is the download link??

  • Steve

    no link for “here”

  • Nika

    Ye it works. Updated manually my phone