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Update Samsung Galaxy S2 to ParanoidAndroid ICS 4.0.4 Tablet Hybrid CM9

Galaxy S2 ParanoidAndroid custom ROM ICS 4.0.4 Firmware Update

Paranoid team managed to create a new working custom ROM firmware for the Galaxy S I9100 devices. The ParanoidAndroid custom ROM is a hybrid UI and it will update your device to Android 4.0.4 firmware, and you can apply it on your device by reading the entire article.

The ParanoidAndroid ROM is a custom firmware that is based on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and if you wish to install it on your device then you should have a rooted device with the CWM Recovery software installed on it. Also, this is not an official Samsung ROM which means that your warranty will still remain revoked and if you ever wish to restore it back then you will have to update your device using official Samsung stock firmware.

This new custom ROM will allow you to easily switch between tablet and phone UI and it is great for those users who love to customize and change the way their device is usually running. The tablet UI allows you add multiple icons, shortcuts and you can add bigger widgets and run applications that are tablet-based only along with the phone-based ones. Make sure to read this entire post to be sure that you install it correctly.

The ParanoidAndroid custom ROM comes with a fixed navbar for the phone UI, LCD density has been repaired. It adds several descriptive strings to panel, HC lockscreen has been removed and several battery styles. There aren’t any major bugs and if you find any then please let us know.

Also, you will have to learn how to properly prepare your device before starting to install the new custom ROM. This guide should be used by advanced users. If you’re a beginners when it comes to Android rooting, cwm recovery and custom ROM installing then you should carefully proceed to the tutorial guide after you’ve read the pre-requisites guide and make sure to ask for help using our comments or questions section. Here’s what you need to do before you can start to update your device:

  •  it is recommended for you to backup important files like photos, videos, text documents, audio mp3, ogg, recordings, bookmarks, pdf documents etc. These can be saved by moving them on your device’s internal sd card or by copying them on your computer. After the update is complete you will easily be able to restore all of them back on your device.
  • if you wish to save and backup the call logs, sms text messages and all your installed application then you should these specific tutorial guides: AppBak for saving and restoring Android apps | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore.
  • Phone Contacts has to be synced with your Gmail account. Learn how to do it correctly using our guide here.
  • You should backup all your APN and MMS Settings and in case the internet won’t work after the update, then you can easily restore the correct values which will then allow you browse web sites again.
  • enable USB debugging mode.
  • SGS2 battery should be fully charged.
  • CWM Recovery, ROM manager or ROM Toolbox Lite applications for Android should be used if you wish to create a full backup of your current installed ROM firmware. This will then help you restore the previous firmware just in case the new ParanoidAndroid ROM isn’t working for your Android Galaxy S2 smartphone.\
  • remember that your device should be rooted and CWM Recovery image has to be installed. If otherwise then read these rooted SGS2 guides and CWM recovery tutorials.

These were all the guidelines you had to read and now you are free to move to the tutorial guide since you’ve learned the recommended steps needed before installing the Paranoid Android custom on your Galaxy S2 device. Note that you are the only responsible in case something goes wrong and your device gets damaged while updating its firmware as neither we nor the custom ROM’s developer should be held responsible.

How to update the Galaxy S2 I9100 with ParanoidAndroid ICS 4.0.4 ICS custom ROM firmware:

  1. Download the ParanoidAndroid custom ROM zip package from HERE.
  2. Download the Google apps for hybrid UI from HERE.
  3. Do not extract the contents of these files, simply save them on your computer. Now you need to connect the device to your PC and move the downloaded zip files on the internal sd card.
  4. Disconnect the device from your PC and then power it OFF. You will need to boot into recovery mode.
  5. Enter recovery mode by pressing ‘volume up’ and ‘home center’ buttons at the same time. While you press them you will need to press Power and wait for the recovery menu screen to appear.
  6. When in recovery, select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ and confirm the data removal. This step is extremely important for the new custom ROM to work correctly.
  7. Now, select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and then ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Navigate to the ParanoidAndroid custom ROM zip file and confirm its installation.
  8. When the ROM has been installed you will have to repeat step 7 but now you will have to flash the ‘gapps’ zip file.This will install the Google Applications for your Android device. Remember that these apps are Hybrid themed so that it will work for both tablet and phone interfaces.
  9. After the ROM and the Gapps have been successfully flashed you will need to select ‘go back’ and then from the main recovery menu select ‘reboot system now’.
  10. That’s it, now your device will restart and it will perform its first boot with the new Paranoid Android custom ROM firmware. Note that this should take at least 10 minutes and you simply need to wait until that completes. When the main Android menu appears you will be asked to configure your Google account. That’s the last thing you need to do before being able to start personalizing the new custom ROM firmware.

If the first boot doesn’t complete or it freezes then you will have to remove the SGS2 battery and after that you will have to repeat the entire tutorial guide. Remember that the data wiping/ factory reset option is extremely important and you shouldn’t skip it. If you have trouble completing the guide then please feel free to ask for help in comments.

After the update is complete you will have to open Settings, then System and set the Font Size option to NORMAL. Now open Launcher Settings and set ‘margins’ to SMALL for Apex and Nova launchers. ‘Show permanent searchbar’ needs to be set to YES, the ‘grid’ to 5×4′, ‘resize all widgets’ to YES and ‘wallpaper scrolling to ‘OFF’. That’s it, now you can enjoy the new ParanoidAndroid ICS 4.0.4 Hybrid UI custom ROM firmware on your Galaxy S2 smartphone.

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