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Install SGT7 Android 4.2.1 custom ROM on Google Nexus 10 P8110

Google Nexus 10 has received a new Android 4.2.1 custom ROM that is named SGT7. Use this guide to learn how to successfully flash the custom OS on your tablet. Read the entire post and you should make sure that you don’t skip any important instructions I’ve listed as that might result in a failed attempt.

XDA members and developers, cdesai and humbreros, released the SGT7 Android 4.2.1 custom ROM which features a real tablet UI with Trebuchet launcher. Also, you will that the search bar can be moved, it packs a configurable Dock and drawer. It also imports functions and features from Android 4.2.1 and CM 10.1. It is a stable release despite the fact that it is still in its early stages of development. Some of its functions might not work and that is why you should install it only if you’re a tinkerer and you love to switch and test multiple ROMs in a short period of time.

If you want to successfully flash this custom ROM on your tablet, read the preparation guide below first:

  • The only device that works with the SGT7 Android 4.2.1 custom ROM is the Google Nexus 10. Check the ‘About tablet’ section for the P8110 model number. If there’s a different version listed, then you should close this tutorial.
  • Your tablet has to be on an unlocked bootloader, it should be rooted and running a CWM Recovery. If yours doesn’t have these then you should use the Google Nexus 10 all-in-one toolkit HERE.
  • Use the CWM recovery to create a full backup of your current ROM. It is highly recommended that you create such backup as you might experience problems after installing the SGT7 ROM.
  • Enable USB debugging option from the tablet’s Developer Options. If you can find this section, then you need to open Settings app, then About tablet and then tap 7 times on the Build Number section.
  • We cannot be blamed in case something goes wrong during the installation. Make sure that you know what you’re doing and that you won’t brick the device in the process.
  • Charge the tablet’s battery so that it won’t power off during the installation of this new ROM.
  • Ask for extra help in comments in case you cannot complete the installation. Leave a detailed comment.

Now that you’ve read all of the above, get to the tutorial and learn how to install a new custom ROM on your tablet.

How to install SGT7 JB custom ROM on Google Nexus 10 P8110:

  1. Download the custom ROM zip from HERE. Save the file on your PC desktop and don’t extract its contents.
  2. Download the Gapps for this ROM from HERE. This is the file that you’ll need to use to install all Google apps and benefit from the best Android experience.
  3. Connect the tablet to your computer using the USB cable. Copy the files downloaded at the steps above and then disconnect the device from PC.
  4. Power off your tablet device.
  5. Boot it into CWM Recovery mode. It can be done by pressing at the same time Volume up, Volume down and Power. Choose the Recovery option to boot.
  6. When you’re at the main recovery mode you need to select ‘backup and restore’. Create a NANDROID backup of your current ROM. NOTE: If you already have such backup then you can skip this step.
  7. Select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ option. Confirm. This is required so that you’ll be able to flash the new ROM.
  8. Select ‘install zip from SDcard’. Next, select ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Find the SGT7 ROM and confirm its installation.
  9. Now select once again ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Install the Gapps zip. Confirm.
  10. Return to the main recovery mode.
  11. Select ‘reboot system now’.
  12. Wait for the first boot process to complete and for the welcome menu of SGT7 ROM to appear.
  13. Enter your Google Account details and take control over all the functions of your tablet.

NOTE: if the first boot process takes too long to complete, then you should power off the device completely and after that you have to repeat the entire tutorial once again starting with step 5.

In case you have any problems installing it, leave a detailed comment at the end of this post and I’ll try to come up with a solution. If you don’t like this new ROM, use the Nandroid backup created before moving to the tutorial and, restore the tablet’s former OS.

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