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Install the ICS Keyboard on Any Android phone

The new Android ICS 4.0 update comes with a lot of great features and UI tweaks; the new keyboard has attracted our attention, but as we all know, the update isn’t available for all Android devices and you might end up waiting for nothing to happen. Fortunately, there’s an app out there that imports the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard to any Android powered phone (not tablet). Users can get the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard installed from Google Play.

If you’re thinking of installing it, here’s how to use the ICS keyboard to your Android phone:

  • Install the ICS Keyboard and go to Settings > Language & keyboard and check the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard check-box.
  • Now you can adjust the ICS keyboard settings by tapping the option below. From here you can change things like Input languages, Auto-capitalization, Sound, Vibrate and Popup on keypress.
  • Using the ICS Keyboard is easy, just tap and hold on any input area, select Input method and Ice cream Sandwich Keyboard. You’ll notice that the punctuation and autocorrect are blue now.

Letting typing aside, the Voice input on the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard works like a charm and you won’t have any problems typing with your voice (unless one of your goofy friends is nearby).

If you want more functionality, there’s the paid version of the ICS Keyboard app that allows you to set keyboard themes, custom background images, adjust the keyboard height (only works in portrait mode), auto-space after punctuation, you can touch to correct words and you can also change the layout of the ICS keyboard from QWERTY to AZERTY, QWERTZ or Dvorak.

Go grab this great app that imports the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard to your Android phone from Google Play if you’re tired of waiting for the ICS update to reach your device.