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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Google Nexus 4

Those who own the recently released Google Nexus 4 are probably looking forward in unchaining the system of their handset for being able to use the smartphone on its full performances. For that, they need to unlock the bootloader and then root the LG Nexus 4, as this is the only way in which the factory restrictions can be removed. For that you have suitable how to guides here on Android.gs. But, once these operations are being completed, the next step is to install a custom recovery image on your Nexus 4. Because of that, during the next lines, I will show you how to easily flash the TWRP Recovery on your handset.

As you might know, CWM recovery is one of the most popular custom recovery images used for the Android platform by users worldwide due to its features and capabilities. But, why to install TWRP recovery for your Google Nexus 4 instead of CWM recovery you might be asking yourselves. Well, it is easy. Mainly, CWM recovery is quite difficult to be used because you need to use the side buttons of your Android based smartphone in order to navigate through the menu. Now, the TWRP recovery is coming with the solution: a touch user interface that is friendlier and more intuitive. So, this is the main reason why you should install the TWRP Recovery on Google Nexus 4 instead of the classic CWM recovery image.

Beside the aspects mentioned above, here is what TWRP recovery is about. This is in fact a custom and complex app that is being used for different operations, such as wiping the system, return to the stock ROM, perform Nandroid backups, apply maintenance and optimization tasks and install custom ROMs firmware. So, for being able to update your Google Nexus 4 with beta software you will first need to install a custom recovery image (like TWRP Recovery) on its system. As you can see, you have all the reasons for completing the present step by step guide.

Now, you must know that you cannot install TWRP Recovery on Google Nexus 4 unless the device was previously rooted. The tool needs to have access to some internal files in order to run properly, so you should first root the OS of your phone. The warranty will get void once you start the root operation, so be careful in what you do and try not to mess things up. Don’t worry though as you will be able to restore the warranty and reset the flash counter by downgrading to the stock ROM, or by updating with an official ROM released by Google and suitable with your LG Nexus 4.

Also, it is recommended to backup the data before starting the installation procedure. It is unlikely to lose all of your data by installing the TWRP Recovery on your Nexus 4, but in order to be sure that nothing bad happens it will be better to backup the contacts, the messages, the call logs, internet settings, market apps and everything else you need to; we have backup and restore guides here on Android.gs, so you have nothing to worry about.

Remember that you need to previously root the phone before being able to flash a custom recovery image into its system. Furthermore, apply this tutorial only if you own the LG Google Nexus 4, as the procedure explained here will not work for a similar device; worst you can even end up in bricking your Android based smartphone, so be careful. This is being considered a risky operation and you should complete the same only if you know exactly what you are doing.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Google Nexus 4

  1. The installation process is quite easy and completing it will take only a couple of minutes from your time as all you need to do is to download a free distributed app from Google Play and install the tool on your phone.
  2. So, go to Google Play and look for the Goo Manager software; again it is free therefore you don’t have to spend your money for downloading the same.
  3. Once the download is complete launch the tool.
  4. On the top right of the screen there is the “options” menu.
  5. Tap on options.
  6. Then, click or choose the “Install OpenRecovery Script” option.
  7. Select “yes” on the prompts that will follow.
  8. Now, the app will download and install TWRP Recovery on your Google Nexus 4.
  9. Wait until the process ends.
  10. Then, from the Goo Manager app choose “Reboot Recovery”.
  11. The custom recovery menu will now be displayed on your handset.

So, this is all for today. That wasn’t hard at all, though the pre requisites are the ones that are requiring your full attention. Anyway, now the TWRP Recovery is being installed on your LG Google Nexus 4, meaning that you can look forward in updating with custom ROMs firmware. Stay close as we will bring more tutorials suitable with your smartphone soon and feel free to share your impressions and opinions with us and with other users by using the comments area from below.

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