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How to Install UltimateMIUI ICS Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

You can now start updating your Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by installing the UltimateMIUI custom ROM into the phone’s system. The firmware was developed and also tested on a Nexus by the xda-developers member iceandfire, and it worked perfectly. So, if you want to do the same just keep reading and follow this step by step guide.

A custom ROM, like the present MIUI, is coming to spice things up by improving and powering up the performances of you smartphone. The software is including features and capabilities that can’t be found in the default version of the Android OS; that’s why the system will be optimized and customized so it can provide more speed and better performances. Also, the battery life should be improved along with the looks as a new interface will be added.

Take note that a custom ROM is not developed by Samsung and it’s not an official firmware released by the already mentioned company. This leads to a big disadvantage: once you flash MIUI, the Galaxy Nexus warranty will be void. You can regain the lost warranty by locking the bootloader and then reverting to the previously version of the Android OS.

Now, we are dealing with the 4th version of the MIUI ROM, which is based on the ICS software. So, by flashing the same, you will be able to install and enjoy the Android 4.0 OS on your own Galaxy Nexus. Remember that this tutorial is suitable and can be applied only for a Galaxy Nexus device; don’t use it to update other similar phones because you will damage or wreck its internal system.

In order to do things as it should you must first backup the data stored on your handset. Most likely, during the installation procedure your personal data, apps, messages or even contacts might be erased. You can make this save in different ways (by using a computer and a SD card) but for a full backup you can follow our previous guides (just click on the links from the list):

You should now check the enhancements that are included in the UltimateMIUI. I have listed them in the image from below, so take a look:

The Features wich will be added

The Features wich will be added

Now, let’s begin the proper how to guide. First make sure that you have a rooted Galaxy Nexus; ClockworkMod Recovery should also be pre-installed. If not go and complete these operations and then return here. Check the battery status from your phone. If it indicates less than 60% charge it before proceeding. Finally, you must download the ROM to your computer; the download links are below:

  • Download UltimateMIUI for Galaxy Nexus version GSM/HSPA+ GT-I9250 from here.
  • Download UltimateMIUI for Galaxy Nexus version CDMA/LTE SCH-I515 from here.

After completing the above mentioned, you can safely read the next section of this tutorial. Read carefully and follow the steps. In this way, we can help you if something wrong is happening.

How to Install UltimateMIUI ICS Custom ROM on Galaxy Nexus

  1. Connect the phone with the PC via its USB cord.
  2. Copy the file downloaded from the computer to the root of your phone’s SD card.
  3. Then turn the Galaxy Nexus off.
  4. Reboot it by entering in recovery mode.
  5. You can enter in recovery mode by holding simultaneously the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons while pressing on the Power button. The fastboot mode should be displayed. From the menu that is listed choose “recovery”.
  6. From the recovery mode menu choose “wipe data/factory reset” followed by “wipe cache”. As you can see, this is why you need to previously backup your handset.
  7. Return to the recovery menu.
  8. From the list choose “install zip from sdcard” and “choose zip from SD”; select the file from the phone’s SD card (the one you have copied in step 2).
  9. The installation procedure should begin.
  10. When finished, the recovery menu should be again displayed.
  11. Now, select “go back” and “reboot system now”.

Well, that was pretty much all for today. You are now having the ICS installed to your Galaxy Nexus thanks to the UltimateMIUI custom ROM. Tell us how it works and if there are bugs in the system. Users reported that the Gallery app sometimes force closes or the security can’t be turned on. Anyway, if during the process you encounter issues, or if you are having problems in understanding one of the steps, share your thoughts with us, and we will try to help you out.

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