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iOS update 6.1.3 to kill Evasi0n jailbreak forever, leaving users in the dark

Once new iOS versions get released, hackers manage to find jailbreak exploits pretty fast, so people can enjoy more of the device’s features. Unfortunately for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, Apple is doing its best to stop this and they’re doing it on multiple sides.

While they try to make jailbreaking illegal, and it seems like it already is on the iPad and other tablets, they also fix the exploits that allows people to jailbreak their Apple devices. The last jailbreak tool is called Evasi0n and it manages to jailbreak iPhones running iOS 6.x.x in an untethered state, which means that you don’t have to plug in the device every time you boot it.

But Apple has just released iOS 6.1.3 beta 2, which breaks the last jailbreak and it becomes harder day by day to jailbreak the new iOS versions. Fortunately Android devices can be easily rooted and nearly nobody tries to stop you from doing that. Google Nexus devices even keep their warranty while being rooted, which is an awesome thing.

Apple has always preferred a closed environment, where people aren’t allowed to do everything they want with their device. And while this should be good especially against malware and piracy, it didn’t help very much. And personally I don’t believe it’s a fair thing to do, by blocking the customer’s device features, considering that he actually owns it. And that’s why I am an Android guy, because I want to do whatever crossed through my mind with my device.

Evasi0n uses 5 bugs found in iOS in order to jailbreak the devices and researchers are worried that malware might be spread because of it. In order to jailbreak your device with Evasi0n, you have to connect your iPhone to the PC through an USB cable, which could also allow malware to be installed on your device. While this is clearly possible, I find it very hard to believe that this is the actual reason why Apple is going to patch the iOS and fix the bugs that allows jailbreaking.

In my opinion, if Apple manages to permanently fix the jailbreak vulnerabilities, some iPhone users will migrate to other mobile operating systems like Android, Windows Phone, or even the new ones: Tizen, Firefox OS, Ubuntu.

  • Vibhu Pandey

    What the hell is wrong with apple!? First they never let third party apps to make changes to the phone as a whole, then they don’t even give users the options to do it, and now that somebody is actually trying to make it a better experience, they wanna turn that down too!? Hats off. Apple should hire people from the JB community and take tips from them on how to make ios experience better, or i’m sorry to say, the future seems to be VERY dark.

  • TCF38012

    Go ahead Apple, You can’t patch it forever. You can’t hide forever.

  • anonymous

    fuck you apple. mother fucker. i like to root.

  • Chris

    You guys are idiots android sucks don’t see the big wow factor in those devices they are a pain in the ass batteries die fast on them and everything a rooted android can do a jail broken I phone can do just better I had a galaxy tab 2 rooted sold it in less than a month it’s boring plus games run like shit and so do the apps always force closing I love my iPhone doesn’t fail me never has that’s why apple never dies their products are solid!!! But I’m just talking about their idevices cause their computers is sucks I get annoyed with windows but I runs every program I need

    • Anon.

      Dude, iDevices have the battery life that is similar to that of a fly. Nearly all the apps on Android are the same as the iStore.
      Also, before you say ANYTHING sucks, you should take a look at your grammar first. Your last sentence confused the hell out of me.

      • Chris

        Check my grammar, lol your obviously an idiot my iPhone’s battery life is great So DUDE, choke on a cow dick fag and get a life!!! crying about grammar it’s a fucking comment not a English test dickhead

  • Max

    This is probably the most idiotic article I’ve ever read.

    “In my opinion, if Apple manages to permanently fix the jailbreak vulnerabilities, some iPhone users will migrate to other mobile operating systems like Android, Windows Phone, or even the new ones: Tizen, Firefox OS, Ubuntu.”

    There’s always more exploits to be found. Apple has been patching jailbreaks since they debuted the first iPhone and it hasn’t seemed to hurt their sales much if at all. A mobile operating system is already very functional without a jailbreak, but if you need to root or jailbreak it to get the most out of it you’ll pick what works.

  • fattyz

    Can I get some of whatever you are on? You are taking too much but in small doses I bet it’s great!