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Apple Cuts iPhone 5 Display Orders By 50%, Problems In Paradise?

Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Apple is confronting low demand for its new iPhone 5, reason why the Cupertino-based company has cut the display orders for its flagship smartphone by 50%. The reputed publication is quoting sources close to the matter that say that Apple has also cut the orders for other iPhone parts, as well.

According to the sources, we are talking about a cut of 50% for the iPhone 5 displays that are supposed to ship in the January – March time frame. There’s also another source that claims that Apple did the same for other iPhone components.

Even tough this might suggest that Apple’s iPhone 5 is not selling well, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, yet, as the Cupertino-base company might as well have enough parts on stock, so it would make no sense for the suppliers to ship new ones.

On the other hand, Apple might also get ready for the production of a new iPhone model, the yet-unannounced iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S, or The iPhone, or whatever they decide to call it). Therefore, it’s part suppliers might get ready to kick off the production of the parts for the next gen iOS-powered smartphone.

An article written by the guys at Nikkei confirms the information, showing that Japan Display and Sharp touch screen manufacturers have registered drops in LED displays orders for the first quarter of 2013.

It was reported that Apple initially planned to order 65 million touch panel units from the two aforementioned companies, but, for some reason, the number have been reduced.

It’s not clear yet whether LG Display,¬†another important screen supplier for Apple, was affected, as well.