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iPhone 5 is a disappointment, 7 reasons not to buy it

The new iPhone 5 has just been released and it seems like Apple disappointed a lot of people with it. It doesn’t bring anything new, while it lacks a lot of features other smartphone have been packing for a while.

While I represent an Android based website and my article might seem biased, I can guarantee that I always try everything and I am passionate about technology, not a company alone. I love Apple’s marketing skills, the way their products work, though I prefer a more open environment that allows me to customize it the way I want. And I do customize it very often, because I get bored fast.


People usually get bored, so Apple should have changed the smartphone’s design. Considering that Apple is one of the best designers in the world, they could have come with something new and very good. This design doesn’t look bad, but it looks old, because we’ve seen it in the iPhone 4 and 4S already.

iOS 6

The new iOS 6 doesn’t come with any big improvements, unfortunately. We knew this already, because they release the beta version a few months ago.  iOS has been the best mobile operating system, but now Microsoft and Google can really compete with it, because Windows Phone 7.5 and Android Jelly Bean and even Ice Cream Sandwich are very good. And Microsoft is even preparing to release Windows Phone 8, which should be even better than their current version.

While iOS and Windows Phone are alike in terms of customization and people choose them for how they look and act, Google’s Android OS can be customized in thousands of ways and developers work hard on making it better for users. There is the jailbreak option for iOS, which allows for Cydia customization, though it can degrade the user’s experience a lot. It’s true in Android’s case too, but there are still some extremely stable custom firmwares, including CyanogenMod and AOKP.


People have always expected Apple to come with something revolutionary and now they failed badly. Instead of coming with something new and useful, they presented the Camera’s panorama mode as an amazing feature. And maybe it would have been amazing, if they launched it years ago. But now most smartphones have it and they shouldn’t have even mention it.

It’s hard to talk about features, because there isn’t any worth mentioning. Apple integrated Facebook and it’s been a few years late again.

The maps have been downgraded from Google’s to Apple’s own, which are based on TomTom, but we will talk more later about this.

Siri has been improved and it can now launch apps by voice, though it doesn’t seem very accurate. It would’ve been better to see more accuracy. Currently it can be quite stressing to use it as a personal assistant and Google Now understand better and is even faster, because it doesn’t need an internet connection anymore.


Like I said in the beginning, everyone expects Apple to innovate. They have been doing it in the past and now it seems like they stopped. The new iPhone 5 doesn’t come with anything that can make you say “wow”.

We expected the iPhone 5 to come with some amazing software features, an awesome design and I was personally expecting them to do something cool with NFC. But it seems like it doesn’t feature NFC at all. The first four versions have been really cool, while the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 seem to only be slight improvements over the previous version.

Apple has innovated a lot by using existing technology in a way that nobody used it before. They didn’t invent anything, but made many things cool by design. This time it seems like they did it wrong with everything. I wouldn’t have probably switched to iPhone 5 anyway, because of the closed environment, but I always liked to take a look at new version. Now there isn’t anything that can amaze people, due to lack of innovation.

With the risk of being accused of being biased, I can sincerely say that I feel that Samsung innovated much more with the Galaxy S3 than Apple did with the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 came with some really nice unique features and it has a bunch of it. While not of them are very useful and especially not for everyone, they are there for everyone who needs them.


I always say that Apple has to increase the display size and I’m glad they did it with the iPhone 5, though they should have make it a slight bigger, in my opinion. The old 3.5″ display was pretty hard to use, especially by those with bigger hands and there also wasn’t enough space for most apps. Websites were also hard to navigate due to the display size and now the iPhone 5 looks much better.

Unfortunately this display’s drawback is the resolution. Everyone expected an iPhone 5 with a  720p HD resolution display, while more optimistic ones hoped for 1080p. While I consider 1080p wasn’t necessary for a 4″ display, 720p would have been really useful, considering that now most videos are recorded in high definition.

Instead of using something people wanted, Apple went for a 1136×640 pixels resolution, which at least is 16:9, but it doesn’t comply with any standards.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to perform any benchmarks on the new iPhone 5, though the hardware hasn’t been improved very much and its competition beats it easily on this side. It seems like the A6 is a dual-core CPU with a 1 or 1.2Ghz frequency, which can be compared with the other makers’ 2011 flagship devices.

It’s well known that Apple never went for specs in their iPhone smartphones, though nowadays apps and games require it, considering that graphics we see on them. Due to this, we will probably see much better games on Android devices, because they afford to use a lot of resources. Android devices started to come with quad-core processors clocked up to 1.6Ghz and 2GB of RAM, which is amazing.


I really don’t understand why Apple decided to make their own maps. And I also don’t understand how could they actually use them in a production device, considering that they are much worse than Google’s. They would have better chosen Bing or Nokia maps, because they are much better.

Apple is probably going to work on improving them, but people need them right now, not in a few years, after Apple gets it right with their mapping system.

  • Badman

    Lol Wot a load of shit you are talkin out your ass hole mate

    • Mak

      come off it. he’s absolutely correct and everyone is also entitled to their opinion. unfortunately too, for you sir, is that his opinion is prevailing, where lots of people are disappointed. yes there are the die hard applers that would buy an iphone if it were 3 months paycheck, and theyre the people who will. simply enough it is very hard to upgrade to this from another phone, as in most cases this is an upgrade from nothing. no wow is more than correct and he doesnt need ignorant morons like you calling him wrong

      • you seem like the only commentator with unobstructed vision on true facts here.

        Who said Samsung was wrong when they call them all sheep ?

        • Rich

          Alex, I wouldn’t even bother replying to those particular posts. iphone owners are angry and disappointed with the iphone 5 and rightly so, although it is a little immature taking out their anger on a author simply stating the truth.
          The fact is, if you are going to get involved in a closed ecosystem environment such as Apple’s iphone, then it MUST bring something innovative and new to the table each time or people will be screaming to leave the closed environment.
          Apple have realistically released a phone that is almost out of date before it’s been released.
          Innovators – Nokia, Samsung…Apple who?

          • Well said. Nokia seems to be reviving with their latest devices. Samsung does an awesome job.

            And what surprised me the most is Galaxy Camera, which seems amazing.

            Microsoft revamped their products and design and they look wonderful. I even use a Metro-based theme on my Galaxy Note, though I don’t like the entire WP.

            Motorola starts making wonderful devices.

            Apple keeps selling the same product over and over again, with minor improvements.

    • You go pack your tent and prepare to wait for a few days near the Apple store so you can brag to your friends with your new iPhone 5 and 2 years useless contract.

    • SteveO

      Well I’m an Apple fan, have an iPhone 4, iPad 2 and Macbook Air, Time Capsule, Apple TV blah etc – but I have to say, neither the newer iPads, or iPhone 4s,5 have tempted me to upgrade. The stuff I have still works just fine but I have to say – in a year from now I will be thinking of getting something newer, and if Apple don’t come up with some serious innovation, it won’t be new Apple stuff.

      Personal opinion – the author was as unbiased as he tried to be.

  • Maris

    Author (Alex) realy sucks!!

    • Well thanks for your opinion, ignorant Apple fan boy.

      • How would you rate a WIndows 8 phone over Android or Iphone5..??? Does windoes 8 phone have the potential to outperform both of them??

  • user

    biggest difference between invention and flowers and apple who learn how to use smart phone and give the world big gift and android it’s just big trouble on phone .

    • I have a suggestion for you. Ask siri this: “Teach me grammar, please”

  • I somehow think that this is all because Steve Jobs has passed away. Steve Jobs not being part of Apple is like Kurt Cobain not being part of Nirvana. And we all know that after Cobain’s death Nirvana was no more… i sort of think that Apple is slowly going downhill. As the Author said, they are know as being excellent innovators. When the iPod came out, it revolutionized the music industry. When the iPhone came out it revolutionized the mobile phone industry and it actually gave birth to the modern Smartphone as we know it. And when the Ipad came out it changed the whole meaning of the word “tablet”. But now i think people are getting bored of it all and again want something totally new and revolutionary from Apple because that’s what they did in the past. And because Steve Jobs is no more, I can’t think of anyone at apple who can do that, who not only has the mind for it but also the charisma to “sell it” to “delusional apple fanboys” ehmm..i’m sorry, to Apple Fans. People somehow really trusted and respected Steve Jobs , that’s why they chose to buy Apple products. IF you ask any Apple user “Who is Apple” they will say “Steve Jobs!” . The same thing cannot be said about Samsung, who the hell is their CEO?! . Apple is Steve Jobs!

    • I knew Apple won’t be the same without jobs, but I could have bet that he made the plans for the iPhone 5. It seems like I was wrong or maybe Cook didn’t follow by them.

  • Anon3278

    Dude u got it all, all, wrong. Bad hardware? The iPhone 5 is currently the world’s fastest on benchmark tests.

    • Mamoon Bakeer

      Don’t be hasty, dude!! Where did you get that info from? Reports say that “iPhone 5 is faster than the (average) of most Android-based smartphone” but not faster than the fastest quad-core beasts like S3 i9300 with Jelly Bean. Afterall it is still a dual-core, so as multi-core optimised apps get released everyday, you will witness the disappointment of iPhone lovers. Besides, look at other features available in S3 by doing a side-by-side comparison.

      • phreezerburn

        Actually no. The bench testing Apple itself OKed Geekbench relies heavily on memory throughput at various levels. Were there a Vulturemark or other such brutal battering of the hardware at work in all these tests I think a lot of the reliance on iOS6 and its revamped caching scheme would come to light very fast. Also let none forget THIS is the processor they have been working on for years and the one that let them claim to be working on designs WITH ARM and not merely using their designs outright.

        For a company with near 700 BILLION to bank from, the iPhone 5 is a joke on Apple’s own fan base and sadly one barely a few of them actually caught. My own wife’s 4s and my Macbook Air are the last Apple devices I can see us buying. I’ve been with them from the IIc through the first Powermac and iMacs (still have the strawberry one on display in my study along side my Pismo) all the way to my own Macbook Air and they’ve bottomed out for me.

        Make way for the new Dell. They too owned the media outright through their advertising dollars. They too had been puffed up beyond anything remotely real regarding their own innovation. They too eventually ran out of runway and Michael Dell’s captain leaving the ship was the start of the end. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

    • The comparisons based have been very biased and they did the test so iPhone could win. Though it still wasn’t able to outperform the Galaxy S3, One X and so on.

      The iPhone 5 is now a mid-end device with an outrageous price.

  • level-headed

    I’m not an Apple fanatic, so don’t get the wrong idea, but in Apple’s defense we’ve all heard these arguments before. Since the devices inception, the iPhone has never been about revolutionary hardware and despite of this the iPhone has managed to perform really well. What I’m trying to say is that people should keep an open mind and make sure not to pass quick judgement, especially since the device hasn’t even been released yet. I’ve seen this so many times before, an unreleased phone that looks good or bad on paper, ends up performing bad or good in real life, respectively (does anybody still remember the Nokia N97?).

  • Newah

    Yeah so this is the most biased crap I’ve ever seen. I love android very much myself, but this seems slightly inaccurate.

    First, the design is fine. Infact, it’s quite possibly the best phone design on the market. Apple didn’t need to change it drastically. As an Android fan, I’ve always been jealous of the iPhone’s style. Why fix something that’s not broken?
    I agree with this on features. Apple could’ve added more, instead of paring with competition.

    As far is innovation, I agree again. Apple hasn’t thrown anything out there crazy awesome and brand new in a while. But Apple is smart, and has it’s reasons for saving the features these last couple times around. Although NFC isn’t widely supported by stores and banks yet, and would kill the battery. Plus, more money to throw at a feature that isn’t widely supported yet, is a waste. Aside from NFC though, Apple still could’ve gone to new heights with their phone this year.

    Complaining about the display? It’s thinner, more vibrant, and bigger? What’s not to like? While I agree with you about the fact that bigger screens are becoming more and more attractive, but 4″ is acceptable. I do think that 4.3″ would’ve been still acceptable and better.

    This makes me laugh. Hardware problems? The iPhone 5 racks right up there, hardware wise, with the Galaxy SIII. That’s impressive for Apple, considering they’re never at par with droid phone specs at release. It’s really much faster than the 4S, just as Apple claimed.

    Apple’s mapping system has potential, and some features that Google’s lacks, but I would still rather use Google Maps.

    The only reason not to buy it, is if you absolutely need huge screens, and NFC/Wireless Charging or other “innovations”.

  • Apple is just straight falling behind in the mobile market. The screen is still behind current phones that have been out for a year now, facebook integration should have happened with the last iphone, screen size is better, but again still under the new standard in smartphones. But hey…the headphone jack is on the top now. That ought to get customers excited! And ditching google maps for their own, and then claiming it’s the best out there? Here’s to the hare loosing to the tortoise!

  • im personally not keen to buy anything from Apple, since i think they’re all WAAAAAAAY overpriced…. they may be good, not gonna lie.. but.. when it comes to pcs for example.. Mac is not what it used to be anymore… any computer outdistances them…. the iOS is good, but why getting an Iphone when i can get a Nokia, HALF THE PRICE, and still have the same performance if not better?