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iPhone 5 is a disappointment, 7 reasons not to buy it

The new iPhone 5 has just been released and it seems like Apple disappointed a lot of people with it. It doesn’t bring anything new, while it lacks a lot of features other smartphone have been packing for a while.

While I represent an Android based website and my article might seem biased, I can guarantee that I always try everything and I am passionate about technology, not a company alone. I love Apple’s marketing skills, the way their products work, though I prefer a more open environment that allows me to customize it the way I want. And I do customize it very often, because I get bored fast.


People usually get bored, so Apple should have changed the smartphone’s design. Considering that Apple is one of the best designers in the world, they could have come with something new and very good. This design doesn’t look bad, but it looks old, because we’ve seen it in the iPhone 4 and 4S already.

iOS 6

The new iOS 6 doesn’t come with any big improvements, unfortunately. We knew this already, because they release the beta version a few months ago.  iOS has been the best mobile operating system, but now Microsoft and Google can really compete with it, because Windows Phone 7.5 and Android Jelly Bean and even Ice Cream Sandwich are very good. And Microsoft is even preparing to release Windows Phone 8, which should be even better than their current version.

While iOS and Windows Phone are alike in terms of customization and people choose them for how they look and act, Google’s Android OS can be customized in thousands of ways and developers work hard on making it better for users. There is the jailbreak option for iOS, which allows for Cydia customization, though it can degrade the user’s experience a lot. It’s true in Android’s case too, but there are still some extremely stable custom firmwares, including CyanogenMod and AOKP.


People have always expected Apple to come with something revolutionary and now they failed badly. Instead of coming with something new and useful, they presented the Camera’s panorama mode as an amazing feature. And maybe it would have been amazing, if they launched it years ago. But now most smartphones have it and they shouldn’t have even mention it.

It’s hard to talk about features, because there isn’t any worth mentioning. Apple integrated Facebook and it’s been a few years late again.

The maps have been downgraded from Google’s to Apple’s own, which are based on TomTom, but we will talk more later about this.

Siri has been improved and it can now launch apps by voice, though it doesn’t seem very accurate. It would’ve been better to see more accuracy. Currently it can be quite stressing to use it as a personal assistant and Google Now understand better and is even faster, because it doesn’t need an internet connection anymore.


Like I said in the beginning, everyone expects Apple to innovate. They have been doing it in the past and now it seems like they stopped. The new iPhone 5 doesn’t come with anything that can make you say “wow”.

We expected the iPhone 5 to come with some amazing software features, an awesome design and I was personally expecting them to do something cool with NFC. But it seems like it doesn’t feature NFC at all. The first four versions have been really cool, while the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 seem to only be slight improvements over the previous version.

Apple has innovated a lot by using existing technology in a way that nobody used it before. They didn’t invent anything, but made many things cool by design. This time it seems like they did it wrong with everything. I wouldn’t have probably switched to iPhone 5 anyway, because of the closed environment, but I always liked to take a look at new version. Now there isn’t anything that can amaze people, due to lack of innovation.

With the risk of being accused of being biased, I can sincerely say that I feel that Samsung innovated much more with the Galaxy S3 than Apple did with the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 came with some really nice unique features and it has a bunch of it. While not of them are very useful and especially not for everyone, they are there for everyone who needs them.


I always say that Apple has to increase the display size and I’m glad they did it with the iPhone 5, though they should have make it a slight bigger, in my opinion. The old 3.5″ display was pretty hard to use, especially by those with bigger hands and there also wasn’t enough space for most apps. Websites were also hard to navigate due to the display size and now the iPhone 5 looks much better.

Unfortunately this display’s drawback is the resolution. Everyone expected an iPhone 5 with a  720p HD resolution display, while more optimistic ones hoped for 1080p. While I consider 1080p wasn’t necessary for a 4″ display, 720p would have been really useful, considering that now most videos are recorded in high definition.

Instead of using something people wanted, Apple went for a 1136×640 pixels resolution, which at least is 16:9, but it doesn’t comply with any standards.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to perform any benchmarks on the new iPhone 5, though the hardware hasn’t been improved very much and its competition beats it easily on this side. It seems like the A6 is a dual-core CPU with a 1 or 1.2Ghz frequency, which can be compared with the other makers’ 2011 flagship devices.

It’s well known that Apple never went for specs in their iPhone smartphones, though nowadays apps and games require it, considering that graphics we see on them. Due to this, we will probably see much better games on Android devices, because they afford to use a lot of resources. Android devices started to come with quad-core processors clocked up to 1.6Ghz and 2GB of RAM, which is amazing.


I really don’t understand why Apple decided to make their own maps. And I also don’t understand how could they actually use them in a production device, considering that they are much worse than Google’s. They would have better chosen Bing or Nokia maps, because they are much better.

Apple is probably going to work on improving them, but people need them right now, not in a few years, after Apple gets it right with their mapping system.