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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 in crash test

As always, people always feel the need to compare flagship devices and now the fight between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 has begun. Considering that the iPhone 5 has just been released today, we’ll have plenty of time to see al kind of comparisons. But today we present you a drop test of both devices, performed by the guys at Android Authority.

The Galaxy S3 is built mostly of plastic, while the iPhone 5 is all aluminium and glass and I was expecting glass to crack much easily, especially considering that the Galaxy S3’s more elastic. Though the test proved me wrong and the iPhone 5 seems to be much solid than we thought.

As you can see in the video below, the Galaxy S3 is heavily damaged, while the iPhone 5 only has some scratches. Of course it depends on the way it falls and some other things, but the guy doing the test is an Android fan, so it definitely wasn’t biased towards the iPhone 5.

Apple has been known for using very high quality materials and the iPhone has been pretty solid, though the new one seems to be really rugged. I can’t wait to see some more iPhone 5 crash tests, because I’m curious if it’s really that solid or it only happened this time.

Let us know what do you think and if anyone dares to drop his iPhone 5, send us the video please.

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