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iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3 Almost Tied In Web Traffic Usage Share

The most important smartphone makers in the World are definitely Apple and Samsung. When it comes to operating system the battle is between the two major player on the market namely Android and iOS. Often, people tend two compare the products of Samsung and Apple, and the battle will never end because both sides have dedicated fans and customers.

Although I don’t know how this could be relevant, there is a statistic that features the number of web users that visit the internet via both Apple and Samsung products. A particular comparison was between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, made last fall. In spite of the fact that the iPhone 5 was released few, it still had more web users than the Galaxy S3 in North America. The battle was won by the iPhone 5 having 56% share while the Galaxy S3 had 44%. Because the S3 is not a very hot phone right now (because Samsung is about to release the Galaxy S4) and the Apple sold a lot more iPhone 5 units since then, you would think that Apple’s product would have a much bigger advantage.

However, against all probabilities, the two flagships are now almost tied. According to a Canada and US report published by Chitika, the score between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 is 49% against 51%. Of course, the statistic has been made based on internet traffic that lasted only a few days from February 1st to February 9th. Nevertheless, even on a larger scale, the score could be the same.

If we take the entire mobile market into consideration, both shares of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are going up. At the moment the iPhone 5 has gone from 3% to 6.6%, while the Galaxy S3 has 6.4% from 2%. Other iPhone models have totalized 34.9%, while Samsung’s phones gathered 14.2%. A for other smartphone brads, they all have a 37.8% share.

Although Samsung was left behind by Apple, if you look at the numbers of all the phones that carry both brands, Samsung appears to rise. The South Korean company has a total share of 20.6%, better than October when it has around 17%, while Apple has 41.5% from 46% shares in October.

Returning to the battle between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, which is barely won by Apple’s smartphone, I think that these sort of statistics should be read just for fun. They really don’t matter when looking at the big picture. It could only mean that in North America there are more iPhone users, so what? ¬†Worldwide it’s a different story. So, I think that what really matter is the number of units each company sells. What’s your opinion?