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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3, Which One Is Better?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on the market for a while now, while Apple’s iPhone 5 is available for purchase for about a week. Even though the Apple smartphone is still a young product lots of enthusiasts got their hands on the device and some publications even gave it the tear apart treatment.

But why are some guys feel the need to see what’s inside Apple’s products? First, because they know what they are doing and secondly, and most important, is because the Cupertino-based manufacturer always “forgets” to mention the frequency of its processors and the amount of RAM installed on its devices. Apple uses phrases like “twice faster than A5,” which sometimes can be misleading for the customers, pushing them into thinking that the iPhone 5 might actually have a quad-core processor. The result? Great sales for Apple.

But we are not here to talk about Apple’s tricky marketing approaches, but about the battle between two of the most popular smartphones of the moment. iPhone 5’s and Samsung Galaxy S3’s popularity is reflected in the sales figures, as well. Apple received over 5 million pre-orders in the first weekend after the launch, while the South Korea-based company announced that 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units were shipped in less than 100 days prior to the smartphone’s debut.


Let’s will start the iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 battle by having a look at the dimensions of the two smartphones. The iPhone 5 measures 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm and weighs in 112 grams, while Samsung Galaxy S3 has a weight of 133 grams and 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm dimensions. Even though the size is not relevant here, as the devices have different display sizes, the weight and the thickness tell us which of them is the winner. So Apple’s smartphone scores 1 point here.


Since I’ve mentioned the display earlier, you should know that iPhone 5 comes with a 4-inch LED-backlit IPS TFT touch panel with a resolution of 640 x 1,136 pixels and protected by Gorilla Glass. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts a generous 4.8-inch touchscreen display with 720 x 1,280 pixels and Super AMOLED technology, protected against scratches by a layer of Gorilla Glass 2.

The iPhone 5’s 4-inch panel is better when it comes to handling the device with one hand while Samsung Galaxy S3’s huge display is great when it comes to web browsing, watching videos or gaming. So it’s a tie here.

We all hoped that iPhone 5 will sport an HD display, but Apple didn’t deliver. Galaxy S3 has one, thus our star goes to the South Korean flagship smartphone.


Apple iPhone 5 features 3G, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot and the new Lightning connector that will require an adapter if you want to pair the smartphone with your old Apple accessories. The sad news is that price of adapters for the Lightning is somewhere around $30.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with all the connectivity options of the iPhone 5, except for the LTE support which, in The States is only available for the variants that come with a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 chipset. But Samsung’s smartphone comes with WiFi Direct and DLNA, which teamed up with the NFC chip and the S Beam technology allows the users to share files OTA by simply touching their devices. Samsung also wins when it comes to the “one size fits all” microUSB cable. When in need you can borrow your friend’s cable no matter what smartphone he owns.

Summing up, the iPhone 5 has LTE capabilities, while only certain Galaxy S3 variants support this technology, so we can’t declare Apple’s smartphone the winner. The Android-powered smartphone wins precious points when it comes to functionality thanks to its universal microUSB port and NFC standards. +1 Samsung Galaxy S3.


Both devices come with 1 GB of RAM, both have 16/32/64 GB of internal storage, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 outmatches the iPhone 5 courtesy of its microSD card slot that supports up to 64 GB of extra storage for apps, music, videos, photos, or whatever crosses your mind. Point for GS3.


The camera specifications of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are pretty similar. The smartphones come with 8 megapixel sensors, with autofocus, LED flash, simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, image stabilization and full HD video recording. Galaxy S3 comes with smile detection, too, but it’s not enough to beat iPhone 5’s advanced BSI sensor. The real life tests have proved that the Apple smartphone takes better photos in low light conditions. The iOS-powered terminal scores a point here.


As I mentioned above, Apple haven’t announced the frequency, nor the architecture of the chipset installed on the iPhone 5. The tests have shown that it is based on two Apple-designed ARMv7 cores (somewhere in between A9 and A15) and that its frequency can raise to up to 1.3 GHz. The A6 chipset is completed by a triple-core PowerVR SGX 543MP3.

We know for sure that Samsung Galaxy S3 is underpinned by the mighty Exynos 4412 chipset with four Cortex A9 cores clocked at 1.4 GHz, while the graphic processing is managed by a quad-core Mali-400MP GPU.

We have a clear winner here. I know, the Apple fans will say that the iOS doesn’t require quad-core processing, but what about the 3D games and apps? The point goes to SGS3.


iPhone 5 comes with a Li-Ion 1,440 mAh battery that will reportedly keep it alive through up to 8 h 2G or 3G talk time, while Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a Li-Ion 2,100 mAh battery, capable of keeping it awake for up to 21 h 40 min of 2G talk time or for up to 11 h 40 min on 3G.

But things are a bit different in real life. The iPhone 5 users are reporting that their smartphones can stay up a whole day on a single charge. The same for my Galaxy S3 even though the battery is considerably larger. With the data connection always on, I just can’t make its battery last more than a day. So it’s a tie when it comes to iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 battery battle.

Operating System

It’s a tough job to compare two operating system without being biased. There will always be an iOS vs Android battle no matter what features Apple or Google introduce. It’s about tastes and what you expect from your smartphone. If you want freedom and a highly customizable UI you will definitely go for Android. If you want stability and better resource management, then the iOS is the platform you need.

iPhone 5 comes pre-loaded with the latest version of the operating system developed by Apple, iOS 6, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 owners will have to wait a bit more until Android 4.1 Jelly Bean becomes available for their devices, and I’m not talking about custom ROMs or leaked firmwares here.

Apple announced that iOS 6 has received Facebook integration, which is true, but on Android 4.0 ICS you will get integration with almost all the apps you install, from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to Imgur, Picasa and Instagram.

On the other hand the Maps application in iOS 6 is a disappointment, while Samsung Galaxy S3’s TouchWiz comes with interesting features like Direct Call, Smart Alert, Palm swipe to capture, Tap to Top, or Pop-up-Play. Apple’s personal assistant, the famous Siri, is definitely better than GS3’s S Voice, but things will change with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update that brings Google Now.

As I mentioned above, it’s hard to tell which operating system is better and not be biased about it, thus we’ll call it a tie.


We have a winner by miles here. It’s the iPhone 5. Even though the new Apple terminal doesn’t bring any design innovations, it keeps the same classy design introduced by the iPhone 4. It’s easier to hold, slimmer, and has a shiny aluminium case. Even though the plastic used by Samsung for the Galaxy S3 looks a lot better than the one used for its predecessors, the quad-core terminal can’t cope with the elegance and the beauty of the Apple terminal. So this point goes straight to iPhone 5.


Summing up, the Android-powered high-end smartphone wins the iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 battle with 4 points, while the Apple smartphone only managed to gather 3 points. The Samsung flagship got precious points for its Display, Connectivity, Memory and Processor, while the iOS 6-powered terminal was better when it came to Dimensions, Camera and Design. The two powerful smartphones are equally matched when it comes to Battery life and Operating System.

Of course, my opinions could be different than yours, therefore I am inviting you to share yours in the comments section below.

  • Galaxy S III

    I agree with you. GS3 Rocks!

  • I agree, I like android and decided on getting the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 after much research and reviews and comparisons, thanks for your post.

  • Forgot to mention I do have the Galaxy S3 as well as the Iphone 4S and I am not updating my Iphone thats for sure.

  • Personally I dislike the look of the IPhone. I find its boxy look too retro for my tastes. I have been researchign the two phones intently and wanted one that would be best for my mobile development side jobs and really the S3 does win int his category. It has better multitasking abilities in general.

  • americansrfat

    The new iphone just looks goofy! They went a little too much hot-dog, not enough hamburger…. apple likes hotdogs. ; )

    • Ryan Tracy

      Love the hot-dog hamburger comparison lol. Totally nostalgic.

  • Mas

    I’m a Samsung galaxy s3 users and can’t be happier with my phone at the moment and can’t wait for the new jelly bean software to make my phone even better. I do think the Iphone 5 is better than the Samsung though, as much as I’d hate to admit it, anantech have done a quick review and benchmark tested the Iphone 5 and the results are quite interesting, the Iphone 5 is quite a lot better than the Samsung s3 and i should hope so too as Apple who calls themselves the market leader had over 3 months to better the Samsung s3. I think apple have been very sneaky with their latest Iphone 5 though, they blatantly copied Samsung bigger screen, since the launch of the first Iphone since 2007, apple have kept their I phones the same small dinky sizes while Samsung have moved on to offer people a generous and georgous screen to play with, apple knew that was the way to go and they saw a weak spot here also in the S3’s size which can be a bit big or wide so they slimmed their Iphone down a bit and copied the S3 again in terms of weight and thinness also. It looks to me that apple are now copying the market leader to keep up rather than inventing and creating new features for their phones which they always have until now.

    • As far as I remember the Anandtech review was mostly based on GLBenchmark which testes graphical performance in games. The GLBenchmarks are often quite tricky when comparing devices with different display resolutions and similar graphic processing power. Since the iPhone 5 has fewer pixels to push, it will score better in those tests.

      As about Apple “blatantly copying Samsung’s bigger screen,” I would say that all they did was bring a slightly bigger display in an attempt follow the big-screen trend and stay competitive on a market dominated by smartphones with huge touch panels.

    • SpideyFanTheDailyBugle

      Uh no dude, they didnt copy the screen. The width didnt even change just the ratio made it 16:9. How can u call a phone screen copying when its .8inches smaller, makes no sense

    • Williz

      To be fair, regarding the bigger touchscreen issue, you have your fact inaccurate. Samsung does not seems to be the leader to manufacture larger screen cellphones or smartphones to the market. But it was Apple iPhone first release, follow by HTC and Samsung.

  • very disappointed in Iphone 5

  • Ryan Tracy

    I just wanted to point out that the Galaxy S3 has 2GB of RAM… or at least more than 1. It has 1.59GB of ram available for application use. Therefore, it wins hands-down haha.

    Source: I’m holding the phone right now (see attached picture)

    • What you are probably holding is the US variant that comes with 2 GB of RAM and dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU. Because of the limitations of the quad-core Exynos 4412 chipset, Samsung had to ditch it and use a LTE-friendly Qualcomm solution.

      The international version only sports 1 GB of RAM. On the other hand, the model for the South Korean market has the Exynos 4 Quad CPU and 2 GB of RAM.

      • Yes. Indeed. The international S3 is quite fast and if you ask me, 1GB is more than enough. I’ve never ran out of memory and it’s really not like you’ll be running 500 big applications at the same time.
        It’s actually quite funny that the American version of the S3 would only have a duel core. Looks like South Korea is keeping the good stuff to themselves.. LOL

      • Ryan Tracy

        Ahh I see. So theres a quad-core, 2 GB of RAM version of this phone?? Dang! Thats interesting. I didn’t realize there were so many different variations of the same phone.

        Thanks for the quick response good sir! Thats helpful info.

  • katelinaa .

    its so hard to choose between the two , especially when youre stuck with it for two years ! pleasseee help !

    • Beachjunkey

      I’m in the same dilemma, got apple everything but am beginning to think is tthis a case of ’emperors new clothes’ can’t make up my mind

    • Jorge

      Get a GS3, can’t be happier with it. 3 of my classmates have iPhones.. they just suck.

  • Anon

    I disagree with the graphics and processing part. Many new benchmarks suggest that the iPhone is marginally better than the GS3 at processing, but way better at graphics. Specs don’t tell everything.

    • yemzee

      it reminds me of “We will not let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers”

  • This is the first accurate review I saw so far.
    With other reviews they only compared the duel core Snapdragon(not the quad core (Which is roughly more than 50% faster than the duel core)) on the Galaxy S3 with the iPhone 5 (So obviously the iPhone won).
    If I could just say this, I think the Android operating system should have gotten another point since it’s completely customizable. Ice Cream Sandwich is really good in anyway and also very user friendly. If the Touch Wizz default launcher doesn’t fit you then you can easily download another one.

  • Gee

    I pre-ordered the Iphone 5 and after a week I returned it for the GS3. I like the big screen and being able to customize. I waited for the Iphone 5 but it was a disappointment. I even payed a restock fee because I could not see myself with the boring Iphone 5. I must say the shiny aluminium case that houses the Iphone is beautiful and Samsung needs to upgrade from the plastic material but it wasn’t enough. I have a Ipad and Ipod touch so I’m still a fan of apple but I’m boring with the same ole set up. Glad to back on the Android team.

    • Gee

      bored with the same set up

  • SpideyFanTheDailyBugle

    I have a question for the reviewer. How can you apply real life situations to the battery but forgt to do real life applications to he processor? The iphone trumps the S3 all over the map on numerous phone benchmark tests, go ahead and compare Sunspiders benchmark on both devices.

    And while it may be a marketing ploy not to reveal specs, it is important to reveal to the readers that the iphone 5 DOES in fact hold its ground on being twice as fast as the iphone 4S.

    • If you apply real life situation on the benchmark tests then the s3 will win since it outperforms the iphone 5 with the jelly bean update… only few weeks apart in release (you have to compare the newer OS for both phones).

  • king

    Samsung galaxy s3 is the owner and it is the nice phone nice design nice performance graph ………..we like s3

  • iPhone 5

    The Display are lies! if you look at the picture that you clearly saw, you will see that the iPhone 5 is bigger. Plus the iPhone 5 is made of better materials.
    Even they thought it was better.


  • Hannington

    Life is not about specs – Memory, size, etc. You should focus on usability and stability. I have used a google phone for 3 years and they suck. The software is buggy and fails most of the time. Apple is solid.

    • Brian Davies

      That is a straight out lie. Clearly an Apple fan.Fails “most of the time” is blatantly lying. If that was the case there would be no Android phones being sold at all.

  • I think iPhone 5 is better because yes of course it is the lightest phone, also because it is longer. I’m just saying this because when I tried the GS3 it it’s way too big for my hand.

  • Sweet angel

    What a great review, i was so confuse for few month, to make up my mind and it was very hard for me, you’ve been so professional and accurate.
    Thank you , I will buy samsung, just one question, what do you think about the new samsung note which is comming mid november? Better to wait ?

    • Zak

      It is very similar to GS3, except has a 5.5inch screen which will definitely require two hands to operate. I currently have GS3 and decently large hands and my thumbs just makes it to the top of the screen for one handed use. If you’re out of the house, office often then I would choose the GS3 and use a tablet at home… The allure of the G Note 2 is that combines those two devices.

    • Compared to GS3, Galaxy Note 2 has the same Exynos 4412 CPU, but it’s clocked at 1.6 GHz instead of 1.4 GHz, has 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB, and comes pre-loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. So in terms of performance Note 2 outmatches the GS3. Marginally, but it does.

      On the other hand, just like @disqus_VSNuyS9sjL:disqus said, its 5.5-inch display will definitely require two hands to operate. Also, because of its dimensions, Note 2 might also be a bit uncomfortable to carry in your pocket.

      Now it’s your call. You can choose portability (GS3) over performance (Note 2), or vice versa.

      • lllbenjolll

        Portabily and performance Note 2. 🙂

    • Sam

      Also consider all the new features that the new s pen has to offer. Even if you think you know what you want you should still preview them both in the shop, especially if you don’t know if the note’s size is too big for you.

    • Greshum Chikoti

      No need to wait buy Samsung Galaxy S III and by the way Galaxy S means Super Smart. Nothing to add.

      • Rasmus Söderström

        Wouldn’t Super Smart be equals to Samsung galaxy SS? I figure that’d be a bit inappropriate

  • Kryptic17

    It also needs to be made clear which sgs3 you are comparing to the iPhone 5, in this post it is comparing the international sgs3 to an iphone 5, are we not in america? In America we only have the dual core s4 processor. and it just varies by carrier for the radios.


    i had s3 since launch. the problem with android phones is not Hardware it is the best the best , but the software to support such a high end hardware SUCKS,there were NO PROPER GAMES, NO PROPER APPS, APPS ALWAYS CRASHED,Apart from specs and feautures, whole sofware sucks, S3 interface , display ,and graphic display was a very big improvement, hands down, but again GOOGLE APP STORE SUCKS, if Android phone get some useful apps, and make phones use atleast of there specs ,S3 is clear winner, but till then, i wasted my oney on S3 its like BMW sports with a FORD enginea nd NY traffic, NO USE of suck cars:)im glad i went back to APPLE.

    • Jorge

      What are you talking about? I got my S3 1 week after the release and I never encountered a single problem with it. Everything runs perfectly, there are many good and useful apps for it. You’re probably just an idiot that can’t use it, or you just love Apple too much.

      • SAMAPPLE

        Not at All, im the guy who like to use wide variety of apps, and that are useful, there are few apps, on Android market whick are good and useful but it seriously lack variety, with iphone u will never get bored.i dnt complain about S3, even though it had those horrible blotches in dark, and freezes, and get spammed with unauthorised apps. and always ad pop ups. in ur notifications. i just say Software has very long way to go..so i have to settle with lower end phone which know what it is doing with with its phone specs, it nothing about FAN boy, its just my experiance and opinion, u may have a different one its ok too:)

        • v3nd3774

          The guy’s username is SAM”APPLE” which phone do you think he will support? As for your argument, it is invalid. In terms of apps I haven’t had one app crash yet on my S3, I’ve had it for about 2 weeks and I love the heck out of it. I have a friend who has the iPhone 5 and one main complaint he has is that most apps aren’t updated for that iPhone yet. If you pretend that the apps are unstable, you’re just naive my friend. Both phones have pretty much the same apps, so in my opinion their appstore and google play variants of app acquisition methods are equal.

          • SAMAPPLE

            The question is have u used both phones personally?, share ur opinion not what ur friend felt, i have both ,inspite of samsung being a great phone , its Lacks in certain things , and GAMING IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST!.try to use apps in all categories and demanding one. if they exist on Google play, i just seriously hated google play when i saw that BIG GARBAGE collection, and absolutely hated it.that makes S3 pottential useless.Maybe if they had a Apple store ,it would be complete different story, with Jailbroken iphone and little settings, u can watch free movies and get free apps in way better quality.

          • v3nd3774

            I have used the iPhone and the s3. Dude you are denying one of the worst Things about the iPhone, and that’s the Appstore. Apple maps for the win?

          • Chris

            I have both phones and I believe that each have good and bad features. S3 has a shoddy Google Play and too plasticy, while iPhone has the useless Apple Maps, not good enough battery, no flash and no additional storage. From my personal experiences Apple’s iPhone is a bit stronger, but that doesn’t make it any better than the S3. Both have flaws and just deal with it. The “SAMAPPLE” guy is just a die hard Apple fan and you (v3nd3774) just seem like an Android fan.

          • People jailbreak iphones to get closer to android.

    • Michael Hall

      I detect a fanboy…

    • dtronics uk

      i think someone likes wasting cash

  • jlyn

    i just have a hard time choosing android because sometimes the typing lags and the fact that it freezes where i am. the whole bigger screen makes it easier to browse and also the fact that android has a lot of good free apps where apple u buy a lot of ‘good’ apps?

  • In the hole work.You did’t talk about Iphone 5 projectors!

  • Hawksenberg

    For my unbiased iphone reviews I always come to Android Geeks

  • Shannon T

    My dad got the Iphone 5, Iphone 6 will prob be the awesome of awesome! But they sold 4 million in a week, so yeah… its very popular. My whole family literally owns Iphones. So it’s a popular thing. My dad asked which I wanted? See that’s the prob, it’s cool to have a Iphone 5, and when you say to people I got a Samsung like really? But my main issue is, Iphone 5 doesn’t make me think its the greatest. See, I looked at the features my dad had on the phone, its nice to have. The best? No. So i would wait for Iphone 6. I’ll maybe get the Samsung for now, just Apple hasn’t changed much on the new one. Bu, I’m only going to a place, and my dad inst strict which one i get. Because, you need a good phone, that works with you. Not a cheap one, that’s always crashing. Great phones, yet, very different and unique 🙂

    • nawp

      “it’s cool to have a iphone 5”

      did you really just say that?

    • go and get s4 now reject htc one

  • krystalprdciado

    I absolutely love my gs3!!!! It’s way better than the iPhone!!!! Hands done!!

    • Ryan Tracy

      I agree! Its one of the best phones I’ve ever owned.

      On a side note, I think its funny that there are some obviously pro-iPhone people going through the comments down-voting the GS3 Comments. Lolz

    • Max Chandler

      *down…did your GS3 not correct that for you?

  • unokinx

    Lol smartphone battle….

  • unokinx

    Apple n Samsung is equal…

  • yboy403

    The Galaxy S3 may win the processor round on paper, but it loses in every benchmark and performance test. By my count, the iPhone wins 4 points to 3.

    Source – http://www.anandtech.com/show/6324/the-iphone-5-performance-preview

    • dtronics uk

      and you would have to be an idiot to belive that

  • lhsiao2

    I bought a top of the line HP laptop 3 years ago because it was cheaper than the Macbook pro. I ran down the list of features/specs and hands down the HP was the right choice. More features, better specs, cheaper price point equals an easy decision. Well the HP laptop turned out to be a pos. Poor design, poor OS (thanks to Vista), and a clunker battery which was also by the way replaceable – but that would just be throwing good money after bad. I got rid of it in 6 months and bought a macbook pro and am still using it to this day. Apple convert since. What hardcore techies fail to realize is that no one cares that much about sd card slots, or changing batteries, or customizing home screens etc…. Mostly people just want something to work seamlessly which is what the iphone does. Yeah it may not have the best “specs” but the thing works great and its super intuitive. GS3 will sell 30million this year. Apple’s sold 37 million 4s iphones during Q1 last year – you tell me who the public agrees with.

    • Brian Davies

      I always laugh at people who comment on “one experience”. I have an HP Core i7 laptop that runs like a dream. Never gets hot, is totally reliable and gives me around 5hrs battery life in Power Saver mode. My point is that my HP is giving me a great experience even though yours gave you a crap experience. I am involved in pro graphics and I know and have read of many professionals getting fed up with iMacs failing and having to be replaced and the Apple operating systems getting worse and worse (more iOS like) with time.

      I had an iPhone and went to Android and would NEVER buy an iPhone again. Boring phone, no shape, boring grid of icons, absolutely controlled by Apple and their crap iTunes. I like my phone to do some of the things my computers do. Create folders, save files where I want them, drag’n’drop/copy/move/rename files in-phone. Make my phone look the way I want it to look, not Apple’s lack-lustre design with a boring grid layout. My Samsung is every bit as smooth and reliable as my iPhone was, but lets me do more things and looks way better. As for your comment about iPhone sales – the average person knows stuff all about technology and is sucked in by Apple’s brainwashing advertising. Apple are getting so desperate now they have to advertise BS like one-handed operation as a selling point. The ads say it perfectly fits the hand. Guess what!!! There is not a standard sized human hand you morons. If it fits your hand perfectly then it almost certainly doesn’t fit mine perfectly. Not only that, every person I ever see using an iPhone uses it with 2 hands anyway (even the 4s).

    • Cameron

      I chose to build a pc 2 months ago and i am soo glad that i didn’t buy an imac or macbook. Now i realize you are talking about laptops not desktops but apple is so controlling in every way possible I can’t support them. Virtually no games are compatible with iOS and am find myself very restricted by the apple layout. Itunes only sells standard mp3 format music when they could easily give me FLAK. I see how apple product are good enough for most people but not me.

    • rhobere

      I hope you realize that basically everything you said about what someone is looking for in a computer is completely false. People DO need SD ports. People DO care about how easily repairable their computer is. People DO care about customization. Literally everything you said is the brainwashed advertising cry of the apple corporation. I’ve owned a couple HP’s and I’ve had mixed experiences, but something you should know is that HP products are made in the same factory by the same people using a lot of the same parts as apple products including the same brand processors and motherboard architecture. They’re managed by the same quality department in the factory and the only difference is the charge number that the employees charge their time to. I don’t disagree that there were problems with vista, but wouldn’t installing one of the many free Linux OS’s be a better starting point than dropping a couple grand on an under-performing laptop with all the same hardware in it as the laptop you just got rid of?

      As for the iphone being intuitive… no. just no. Its only intuitive if you don’t expect your device to have capabilities of a real computer or if you’re already used to the options that iphone gives you. Seeing as how the phone specs can support some desktop operating systems, you would think that they wouldn’t have loaded it with such an incapable OS.

    • ryan

      lol’d cause samsung has the highest selling smartphone of all time now

  • dtronics uk

    in my opinion the iphone is a total loser, nothings changed and the fact that apple have been stealing ideas for there iphone for years (noticfication centre and sms pop-up to name two out of many) means that apple is a con. apple need to remove all iphone and rethink about them with new designs and ideas that no one has thought of as well as charging £300 more than the phone is worth cause with £600 i can get i very powerfull android device that would wipe the floor with the iphone

  • ya its correct!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Gates

    Iphone 3g-oes s-hit, iphone 4, iphone 4s-hit , iphone 5 ,iphone 5s-hit again and again.

  • kinsence

    even though i own an apple i went to the dark side with android phone easy to move thing around and free apps /widgets with rooting of course once an android will not go back to ios sorry apple you got nibb in the but


    S3 rocks

  • stuey

    I dont know whats funnier the fact people come on an android site and are shocked the majority here prefer android or the fact iphone fan boys have googled specifically to find and post their biased views pretending they own both these phones. I have an s3 and my wife has the iphone 5 and in all honesty both phones are good devices id have got the iphone 5 if the s3 wasnt out but i like to customise and fact is the iphones are very samey ios wise. I do however think apple are leading for games but apps are probably even. Ive not found an app yet available on iphone i cant get the same or better on the s3

  • Most important thing as per i think is the fair market price of any smart phone before buying.Both smart phones have almost same features and people like me who can’t afford the big difference between the prices as i found in this site like http://movaluate.com (it shows the fair market price for smart phones) can compromise on features,so i would prefer SGS3

  • roger

    so, first of all, should i buy a s3? i’m pretty confused.

    • You should.

    • roger are you marcus wong ping eng or whoever please buy s3.this is recommended by me

  • roger

    should i buy s3?

    • Definitely.

    • Williz

      Definitely shouldn’t buy one. I have first bought the HTC One X. After I have seen the boasted Galaxy S3, I decided to get one. Finally, I chose to buy the iPhone 5. Compared to these three, I found HTC One X screen is much sensitivity, more attractive colors and image taken clearer at night and easier to send text messages, and it is more brighter than the Galaxy S3. Not to compare to the iPhone 5. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is disappointed. For those would like to voice out their opinions, it’s OK, but not until they have collected all three. This is just my personal thought, I think if you want to buy a phone, you better compare by yourself. An advice; Do not listen to other people or your friends. Figure it out your own.

  • Greshum Chikoti

    Samsung Galaxy S III is massive and the best Smart Phone ever.

  • Ray

    Have had the surf board phones(Samsung)I phone 5 is perfection

  • had the Iphone , replaced it with the s3…..best decision ever

  • Mirel

    deci …sa inteleg ca si tu ai fi de acord ca note 2 e mai …interesant decat s3? 🙂 mersi

    • Oricine cred ca e de acord cu asta. Singura problema ramane marimea, desi eu momentan folosesc un Note si urmeaza sa fac upgrade la Note 2. Odata ce te obisnuiesti cu el, nu mai pare atat de mare.

  • Curt92

    My iPhone 5 shits on your g3 so gtfoh

  • Brian Davies

    I would take the SGS3 any day of the week over any iPhone, but one point that has to be noted here is the processor. Watch the benchmark comparisons in YouTube and you’ll see the iPhone outperforms the SGS3 every time. That is a fact, whether we like it or not. Conversely, I cannot agree with you on design. The iPhone is a shapeless boring design. It literally looks like a slab! Who cares if it is plastic, aluminium or whatever? Both phones break when dropped on hard surfaces, so most people put them in cases. The SGS3 looks way more stylish when placed alongside the iPhone.

    • Dos Equuis.

      I will take the S3 any day of the week but I will take the iPhone 5 on the weekend. iPhone is just cool.

  • Clunkton

    I think that above all the specs, the design and the OS, the most important issue is freedom of choice. If you want to be able to transfer files (of any sort), or listen to music that you bought from wherever you wanted. If you want to watch movies in whatever format you downloaded them in or share files with anybody or any computer at all then the choice is a no brainer.

  • James

    I had been told that s3 was a great phone so brought one biggest pos I’ve ever owned I prefer my old lumia800 atleast it didn’t glitch all the time and the battery didn’t die all the time I then got a iPhone 5 and guess what better to use and never glitches I will never buy another android phone ever

  • I personally don’t like design for the iPhone 5 very much. Never really cared too much with any of the iPhone designs. The sgs3 is a much better looking phone IMO.

  • Theo

    You forgot to mention one important thing; GS3 has a faster processor and more RAM than the iP5 but the iP5 is faster (proved by the benchmarks, google it).
    So, winner: iPhone 5.

  • Android… Sucks

    For all Androiders, Pay Attention! APPLE is the BOSS ! Why the HELL you compare every new smartphone whether its Motorola, LG, Samsung or HTC with Apple’s phone? You don’t compare Samsung vs LG vs HTC.. Because you know Apple is the father of smartphones… He gave the concept of smartphones! He gave the concept of touch screen when people would think you a stupid of thinking a phone without a keypad! He gave the concept of Apps! and told you how to make a phone without any folders! Apple gave you a digital personal talking assistant introducing the Hollywood like Artificial Intelligence like never anybody has done! Now these companies copy the same ideas and think they are going big? You have the example of Nokia.. Where is Nokia gone who was once the King of cellphones? Because he didn’t adopted Android…! And what about Samsung? I still remember Samsung Star’s super ANNOYING software… If there was no Google… All these so called companies would have been defaulted by now… All these companies + Google + Microsoft together always competing against Apple ?? and still Apple is the true King of Kings – standing alone without any other company’s help ! He makes everything with its own resources. He does not have a camera made of SONY, cellphone made by ERICSSON, software provided by GOOGLE. Tomorrow, Samsung launches Galaxy S4 with advanced than iPhone features after noticing those of iPhone 5 and you will forget Galaxy S3 and will directly compare S4 with Apple’s iPhone.. Why is this so… 100’s of cellphones of all of these companies launching new models everyday comparing with ONE company who launches ONE cellphone after ONE year ????? If there was no Apple, there would be NO Galaxy S3, instead, you would have still a sick slider or flipper by Samsung or Nokia cellphone with an annoying useless software that could only make calls! Just watch before you compare!! Apple is TRUE LEGEND !!!

    • Chris

      In fact Apple does get camera parts from Sony and some of its processor parts come from Samsung so your argument is quite invalid there.

  • caramelkristin

    I’M GETTING THE S3 ON SATURDAY GUISE 🙂 I’m so excited. This may sound really weird but I’m excited to make my phone all cute and girly, and have cute ringtones and such. I tried researching on how I can do all that with the iphone (because I was attracted to the overall look and finish of the product) and I found out you have to jailbreak it, and even THEN it wasn’t as customizable as the S3 and I’ll still have the warranty! 🙂

  • Joseph

    S3 rules!!!!!! but can u help me can you share a file using sbeam to a Samsung galaxy ace from a s3?

  • the cable guy

    I waited on line very enthusiastically for the iPhone 5. I have had every iPhone except the first. I use my cell phone as my 1 line solution it’s my only phone.

    First I want to point out. The IPHONE 4 was flawed as we know by the antenna and battery issues. The iPhone 4S was the “recall” and I think it was the best iPhone ever made. Had I known what I know now I would never have upgraded from the 4S. The iPhone 5 right out of the box there were scuff marks- the volume up button was sticking- apple said to hang in there it’s only because it’s new- they were right.

    The battery life is terrible on the I-5. So me and millions
    of others are awaiting the accessories. The power cases will have to have the chip in it for the lightening to work. To buy these accessories is going to be very expensive to say the least. Apple will not release the chip unless they get royalties. Car charger adapter ? 30$ Samsung it’s r
    y user friendly micro USB! I have tons of them lying around awaiting to be used!!!

    the iphone 5- is suddenly being outsold by theS3. its flawed device and the accesories are going to be very expensive to day the least. galaxy is hd. it has an expansion slot. a bigger screen. vetter battery life. the iphonez big featurez is it slimmed down but its going to have to bulk up for the accesories. i waited online at tg e appke store. all iphonr 5 owbers trying to figure whsts wrong with my phobe- apple wont replave

  • i definitely go for s3 hd super amoled display while iphone 5 doesnt has hd and iphone is lcd while s3 is led. while s3 has Display, Connectivity, Memory and Processor,

    • Williz

      I’m afraid you have mistaken that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better at display and processor. Didn’t you read the author has compared between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5? It was tied to the processor. To certain extent, I do not agree with the author said the connectivity the Galaxy S3 is the winner. I feel both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 have equally fast to their speed connectivity, however, when you are online using the iPhone 5 is much quicker. The display and connectivity to the iPhone is certainly on the upper hand compared to Samsung Galaxy S3, no doubt about that. To me, I wouldn’t concentrate too much on the memory thing because how much gigantic storage would you need to store? I simply could not understand, perhaps, you are a film director or film maker?

      • are you apple fanboy. i am samsung and android fan boy but i dont like htc and iphone but i like ipad and macbook and ipod

        • wiliz i will never say iphone is better. so you are apple fanboy or samsung fan boy or htc fan boy

        • Williz

          Listen! Like I said, perhaps, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the highest of all. I mean highest, in terms of the processor speed, pixels or screen size. No doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an upper hand. However, it has the lousiest performance compared to its arch-rival Apple Iphone. Hey! This does not mean I am an iphone supporter or whatsoever you prefer to call it “fanboy”. Again, the same question. Have you collected the all three cellphones I mentioned? If not, you better shut up, because you know nothing about cellphones. You are just a simple blinded die-hard Samsung gadgets “fanboy”.

        • Williz

          By the way, I have forgotten to say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the super lagging performance compared to other. Didn’t anyone notices? I have talked to many cellphones outlets, they too advised me not to buy the Samsung GS3 because many people have regretted to have bought one and they traded-in to another better quality cellphones.

        • Williz

          I told them, unfortunately I have bought one. Sad and regretted!

  • connectivity is better and micro sd storage and processor quad core

  • samsung galaxy s3 is better

  • josh

    processor ? the iphone 5 is faster regardless, every test shows that so i think that point goes to iphone 5? IPHONE PRIDE !!!!!!

  • jack

    The first thing to consider is design, gs3 is so cheap and ugly. but if we ignore that then gs3 is a winner. in the end it’s all personal opinions. so you need to find out which ones better for yourself.

  • All my friends and I are going with the iPhone 5, I’m sorry but the display should of went with iPhone on that one. I don’t like overly saturated screens…

  • Adelina Yenny

    Hey guys.. need your suggestion. For record, I have small hands. But, i love taking pictures so much. I have compared my friend’s Iphone 5 and GS3, and clearly, the winner still Iphone 5. However, with all the commercial things under Apple, I just don’t like it. I like GS3 also, but it is too big for my hands. And, I’m sure it is not grab-able also when I want to take my own pic or so. I have Galaxy Tab 7+. At first, it was fun. But, for sometimes, i found it boring. I never had Apple gadget before. What do you think?

  • Michael W. White

    Love my GS3 but for one disapointment 4gLTE and hotspots on my sprint ver. do not work togeather. to get hot spots to work you have to turn 4gLTE off. not a very good thing when compared to my evo or any other 4G phone if you have hot spots.

  • ock

    Guys honestly I bought a samsung s3 it is the best phone on the market now????
    This is my 2nd samsung got to have iy replaced cause was freezing a lot
    Battery is very badf specialy if u have more brightness, im sorry but today im getting the iphone 5

    Samsung is great but I beleave the iohone will last me longer
    And not give so many problem with in 1 week

  • ock

    Plus it correct my spelling lol

  • lllbenjolll


    So that hopefully isheep would shut up lol