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Iron Man 3 For Android Now Available On Google’s Play Store

A smartphone can be used to do many things such as taking photos, browsing the internet, and talking to other people, of course. However, there are a lot of smartphone owners who like playing games on their devices. In case you are one of those individual that you’ll be happy to hear that the tie-in game Iron Man 3 has become available on Google’s Play Store.

The game doesn’t bring anything new to the genre as it’s a pretty typical title. What’s interesting is that the game’s action takes place sometime after the events that happen in the movie, so spoilers won’t be an issue. Of course, the game has probably been released mainly to promote the new Iron Man 3 movie, and one would consider that it isn’t worth downloading. However, the Iron Man 3 Android game is not that bad, although be ready to see a lot of ads for IAPs .

Even though Iron Man 3 is not the most awesome Android game out there, the graphics are pretty good and it’s noticeable that the game has been developed by Gameloft, at least when it comes to graphics. The gameplay itself is not that complex and you will have three different levels that will be generated randomly. Each level takes places in a different location, namely New York City, Malibu Shores and China. Like any other game there are several unlockable items which can be acquired as you play the game. In this case we are talking about eighteen Iron Man suit, which can be also upgraded with various powerups.

Now it’s time to talk about the downsides because there are a few. ¬†First of all, despite the fact that this is one of the good features, it can also be a bad one. The game is a freemium title, which is good because it means you won’t have to pay any money for it. However, it means that there will be lots of adds for in-app purchases involved. Also, it seems the Iron Man 3 for Android doesn’t work properly on quite all devices. This comes the advantage of it being freemium. In other words, in case the game doesn’t work on your handset all you have to do is delete it as you won’t lose any money, just the time of the download process, which will be kind of a long time as the file is around 800 MB in size.

The overall feedback form the users who have downloaded the game has been positive. Nevertheless, some users have reported that the game tends to crash during gameplay. Further, it seems that sometime Iron Man 3 just doesn’t want to start. The users like the graphics, though the graphics consume a lot of battery life so don’t play the game to¬†intensively if you are far away from a power source.

In case you are interested in the game you can check it out and downloaded from HERE.