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Iron Man 3 for Android release date is April 25 from Google Play Store

Gameloft confirmed that the official Iron Man 3 mobile game will be released on April 25th for Android and iOS devices. The game will be available from Google Play Store and it might become the new ‘procrastination’ tool for Android users.

Iron Man 3 mobile game looks like Temple Run but, it integrates some comic book facts and it should be a great way for you to spend you time before getting to the premiere of the Iron Man 3 movie. The gameplay is simple, as you will suit up as Iron Man right from the start, and then fly your way towards an unknown destination and fight all the bad guys and different obstacles that you encounter in your run. Collect as many coins as possible in order to unlock challenges and new features that should help you set high scores easier and faster.

Check the trailer below before thinking that this would be another endless running mobile game which gets boring after only two runs. Still, we are talking about Tony Stork here, one of the most popular Marvel superheroes around if we were to take a look at the gross income of the previous Iron Man movies.

There is no official pricing available for Iron Man 3 for Android, which means we will have to wait until April 25th gets here in order to learn how much we will have to pay for it. If we were to guesstimate then we would say that Gameloft will set a price of $7, just like it did with all of its previously released Android superhero-based mobile games.

Iron Man 3 for Android should be a great way to kill time between home and work / school and, if it doesn’t bother too much, the lack of levels / game stages that you need to complete might be a good for this kind of game. We’re hoping to see some ‘easter eggs’ from the official movie, too. Take a look at the game’s trailer and tell us if you’re going to play the Iron Man 3 on your Android device.

The Iron Man 3 mobile game will hit the Google Play Store on April 25 several days before the Iron Man 3 movie will play in theaters.

The movie will premiere on May 3rd in the US, while New Zealand premiere is set for April 18th. The rest of the world will have premieres on 24 and 25 of April. If you’re a true fan of Iron Man then you should test Gameloft’s official Iron Man 3 mobile game on your Android tablet or smartphone.