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Is Motorola Going To Surprise Us With A Droid Tablet?

Droid tablet

While all the attention is pointed to Apple and Samsung, and their latest releases: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and the Samsung phablet Galaxy Note 3, Motorola is preparing a surprise under the shape of a tablet. You might wonder what I meant by “ in the shape of a tablet”. Well, they have released a 4 minute teaser video on YouTube in which they encourage the viewers to finish the story in which we can clearly spot a tablet case.

The video concentrates on a man who has to deliver a package in the same manner as we all saw in  the Transporter movies but during the operation he falls for a girl who then steals the package and leaves him on an island. The end of the teaser calls for viewer help as they are asked “What happens next?”. The whole contest have some interesting prizes so if you feel lucky, watch the video below and tweet your idea at #DROIDtheory.

But getting back to our theory, about what that package contains, we have to look back to what Dennis Woodside mentioned for Engadget, that Motorola is working on a tablet but haven’t gone any deeper into that subject. Now with this statement and the video teaser everything makes more sense. If we put in the mix the fact that Verizon is the one who offers the prizes and Motorola is their exclusive partner, then we are closer than you might expect to a Droid tablet.

A lot of rumors have been thrown on the Droid theory tweet page and while some of them are focusing on the story, many are confident that Motorola is going to unveil a new Droid tablet. It has created many possible endings and many people have analyzed the video looking for hidden hints, some of them being disputed on popular android based blogs.

So if you feel lucky, give it a try and take your place on the Verizon challenge.