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Official Jelly Bean OTA update for Verizon Galaxy S3 Leaked

The Verizon users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can now get excited as a pre-released version of the official Jelly Bean update has been leaked. This means that a “soon” OTA update will be made available, though there is still no confirmed info about the same. But, since the Android 4.1 OS has been pushed by Samsung for the US Galaxy S3 from a while now (Sprint was the first to offer the firmware) the OTA update should be coming somewhere during the following weeks, probably by the end of the present month.

This is happening because each carrier, after receiving the ROM from Samsung, is developing the official Jelly Bean OTA update that can suit the corresponding version of the Galaxy S3 handsets. Therefore, that’s why Sprint is already providing the Android 4.1 OS for its users and AT&T or Verizon is still messing with their own customers.

Now, as mentioned, a pre-released version of the Jelly Bean firmware has been leaked by those of xda-developers, the ROM being the beta version of the final release that will soon be made available for the Verizon SGS3. The model number of the software is I535VRBLI5 and apparently is almost stable enough for a proper launch.

Of course, as usual, you can anytime flash a custom ROM that brings the I535VRBLI5 platform on your Verizon Galaxy S3, but you will void the warranty while doing the same and you will not be able to receive the OTA variant when it will finally be pushed out (you will have to manually install the official ROM). And that’s not all, for being able to apply a custom ROM you first need to root and unlock the bootloader of your device, which are risky operations that can easily brick your phone.

So, it will be better to wait for the official Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update, which if we are to believe our sources, will be released in three weeks. This is still only a rumor, so don’t put too many hopes in it. Anyway, stay close to us for receiving further news about this topic.

  • I dont know….I had an lg spectrum that had an ics rom leaked 3 months before the update….

  • michael arazan

    Except Verizon will be the last to update the sg3 because they use minimal amount of resources possible for updates. After all carriers around the world have updated wait 2-3 weeks and Verizon will release it. by the way Verizon only updates phones if they feel it is deemed worthy, if the phone isn’t popular or didn’t sell enough units or is too old in their eyes, or anything on their list not to update even if there is an update for it, they will not waste money and testing to purchase the update from the OEM.


      Manufacturers are standing behind the 18-month update commitment. Galaxy S3 will get 4.2 and possibly 1 more update afterwards.

  • Doug

    You dont have to root you phone. Do a little reserch

    • john

      running jellybean with no root or unlocked bootloader. odin Install phones firmware reads samsung official. The article even mentioned the site that made this happen xda developers.

  • Will Smith

    Ha! December 2nd and they still havent sent the update OTA. Taking their time loading the ROM with bloatware that is locked into the phone. This is why the only reason I still use Verizon is because my parents pay for it -__- #GettingAJob

    • I am pretty sure that’s the case, unfortunately. Carriers begin to annoy as very much lately too.